Three premierships in a row for the seniors and reserves as the Magpies machine rolls on.

The loss of key players in Stewart, Fawns, Donoghue and Cheel (who was to come out of retirement later in the year) could have easily signaled a decline for the Magpies. An early season raid by VFL club Footscray on Zane Taylor could have been catastrophic. Taylor stayed (Click here to read article) and the club’s administrators recruited well again. Heading the new signings was Ken Clark a former Tasmanian and Prahan (VFA) Half Forward Flanker. Clark proved to be a revelation for Gold Coast football after Southport snatched him from the grasps of QAFL club Coorparoo. Darryl Bakes and Geoff Boyle arrived from Albury via a summer in the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL). Tom Edwards (East Ballarat) and Brian Solomon (Port Fairy) were both useful defenders recruited over the off-season.

Local talent continued to emerge with Milton Davis (son of Junior President and GCJAFL Life Member, Martin Davis), Mark Whitfield (son of Labrador legend Graham Whitfield), Andy Child and others gaining promotion during the season. The Magpie colts were certainly well stocked with athletes, evidenced by dual rugby international Tony Darcy making occasional appearances. Former junior Peter Willadsen also made an excellent return in 1977.

More debate raged about Southport’s supremacy as the club went undefeated for the first seven rounds. One loss by one point in over 50 games had everyone asking whether the Magpies could ever be beaten (Click here to read article). Club workers like Bill Hassell and Kevin Smith argued in the press that the success was the result of years of toiling. This hard work was now being complimented with shrewd recruiting supported by financial reserves gained from good decisions and sound administration. Community support was thriving and sponsors funded a great two-page spread in the Gold Coast Bulletin to kick the season off (Click here to read article).

A Gold Coast representative team travelled to the Gabba mid-season under Captain Coach Bob Webb and soundly defeated North Queensland. Other Magpies to join Webb were; Taylor, Bakes, Clark, Ryan and Willadsen. Wally Fankhauser was the team manager and Keith Grey the trainer. Ken Clark and Zane Taylor were standout players. The GCAFL also commenced a great tradition with an end of season representative fixture with Papua New Guinea. Southport AFC played a Gaelic football match against a Queensland team that was to generate good code promotion (Click here to read article).

The season started with a convincing practice match win over Mt Gravatt at  the Gabba in a curtain raiser to a Richmond versus North Melbourne exhibition game. New recruit Clark was on fire kicking eight and Graham Trevena started the season in fine form (Click here to read article). Round 8 and 14 losses to Coolangatta and Broadbeach were minor hiccups as the Magpies continued to tower over the competition. Alarm bells began to sound however, when in round 18 losses in all three grades to Coolangatta and a serious injury to Zane Taylor put some question marks on the Magpie’s grip on the premiership. The reserve grade loss marked the end of a wonderful 50 games plus undefeated run.

The Magpie’s regrouped to convincingly win the Second Semi and Grand Final (Click here to read article). Darryl Bakes dominated in the final game kicking nine goals and marking everything that came his way. Ken Clark capped an amazing debut season kicking over 100 goals. A suspension to Dave Burns unfortunately saw him miss another premiership. He was there in spirit however as Gold Coast Bulletin scribe TRUE BOOT reported:

Bob Webb, Southport’s popular coach, proved himself something of a psychologist before the Grand Final last Sunday. The famous number 6 jersey for the Magpies, which has been worn with distinction by one of the greatest team men ever – Dave Burns – was up for grabs. Davie was unable to play in the Grand Final due to suspension. Coach Webb shrewdly paid tribute to the greatness of Davie Burns in an address to his players and finally threw the famous No. 6 jersey to Ross Couch to don for the big game. It is now history that Couch played a great game in defence for the Pies and there can be no doubt that both Webb and Burns were elated that Southport’s No. 6 had played a prominent part in another premiership for Southport.

TRUE BOOT went on to pay tribute to the Magpies season:

The 1977 footy season is over and Southport, despite having to withstand some strong challenges along the way, has emerged triumphant. They completed a unique double when the A grade side and reserves each took their third successive premiership last Sunday. Congratulations to all at Southport – particularly to the administrative group, which has proved that sound, and efficient organisation is a must if football is to succeed. The Magpies are fortunate to have had strong and astute leadership of Dr Alan MacKenzie during the last three years. The success of the Magpies last Sunday was a fitting reward to “Doc” and his committee for their efforts to keep Southport to the forefront of Gold Coast football.

1977 Match Results

Date Venue Home Away Southport Goalkickers and Best Players
Round 1 3/04/1977 Owen Park Southport 18.16.124 Labrador 13.8.86 (Best: Webb, Trevena, Willadsen, Miles, Lowe, Edwards)
(Ryan 5, Willadsen 3, Lowe 3, Miles 3, Davis 2, Wotjala, Jordan)
Round 2 10/04/77 Isle of Capri Surfers 8.11.59 Southport 29.14.184 (Best: Miles, Bates, Wotjala, Watts, Davis, Boyle)
(Davis 7, Miles 7, Wotjala 3, Webb 3, Willadsen 2, Lowe 2, Morris 2, Boyle 2, Hyde)
Round 3 17/04/1977 Owen Park Southport 20.18.138 Coolangatta 8.16.64 (Best: Taylor, Clark, Bakes, Boyle, Rudd, Edwards)
(Clark 7, Davis 3, Ryan 3, Wotjala 3, Webb 2, Boyle, Rudd)
Round 4 24/04/1977 Paradise Point Broadbeach 13.11.89 Southport 15.14.104 (Best: Clark, Trevena, Bakes, Lowe, Wotjala, Davis)
(Davis 4, Clark 4, Morris 2, Whitfield 2, Boyle, Wotjala, Rudd)
Round 5 2/05/1977 Owen Park Southport 27.15.177 PBC 12.8.80
Round 6 8/05/1977 Labrador Oval Labrador 9.11.65 Southport 20.19.139 (Best: Trevena, Taylor, Lowe, Clark, Edwards)
(Clark 7, Wotjala 4, Davis 2, Morris, Ryan, Bakes, Webb, Lowe, Solomon, Hyde)
Round 7 15/05/77 Owen Park Southport 16.20.116 Surfers 6.5.41 (Best: Webb, Clark, Taylor, Willadsen, Wotjala, Rudd)
(Clark 5, Wotjala 3, Child 2, Ryan, Willadsen, Webb, Solomon)
Round 8 22/05/1977 Len Peak Oval Coolangatta 15.10.100 Southport 12.12.84 (Best: Taylor, Clark, Jordan, Bakes, Webb)
(Child 3, Ryan 3, Clark 2, Solomon, Davis, Wotjala, Webb)
Round 9 29/05/1977 Owen Park Southport 21.14.140 Broadbeach 14.9.92 (Best: Clark, Taylor, Boyle, Jordan, Miles, Morris)
(Clark 7, Davis 3, Miles 3, Wotjala 2, Ryan, Jordan, Boyle, Hyde, Webb, Taylor)
Round 10 5/06/1977 Salk Oval PBC 6.10.46 Southport 15.8.108 (Best: Solomon, Webb, Burns, Leahy, Willadsen)
(Lord 4, Stewart 2, Cheel 2, Hyde, Piesley, Lowe, Wotjala, Fawns)
Round 11 19/06/1977 Owen Park Southport 16.18.114 Labrador 8.8.56 (Best: Bakes, Boyle, Webb, Jordan, Taylor, Ryan)
(Davis 4, Taylor 3, Boyle 2, Jordan 2, Wotjala 2, Webb 2, Morris)
Round 12 26/06/77 Isle of Capri Surfers 8.11.59 Southport 14.13.97
Round 13 3/07/1977 Owen Park Southport 22.17.149 Coolangatta 11.14.80 (Best: Clark, Solomon, Davis, Cheel, Lowe, Edwards)
(Clark 7, Davis 6, Webb 2, Miles 2, Boyle 2, Wotjala, Bakes)
Round 14 10/07/1977 Paradise Point Broadbeach 12.17.89 Southport 7.15.57 (Best: Johns, Ryan, Cheel, Bakes, Webb, Lowe)
(Wotjala 2, Ryan 2, Cheel 2, Child)
Round 15 17/07/1977 Owen Park Southport 19.12.126 PBC 12.10.82 (Best: Ryan, Jordan, Boyle, Clark, Lowe, Miles)
(Clark 7, Ryan 4, Wotjala 2, Miles 2, Jordan, Boyle, Whitfield)
Round 16 24/07/1977 Labrador Oval Labrador 13.11.89 Southport 28.20.188 (Best: Taylor, Boyle, Davis, Jordan, Lowe)
(Jordan 6, Davis 5, Wotjala 4, Webb 4, Clark 3, Willadsen 2, Cheel 2, Byrne, Forbes)
Round 17 1/08/1976 Owen Park Southport 26.21.177 Surfers 8.7.55
Round 18 7/08/1977 Len Peak Oval Coolangatta 20.9.129 Southport 13.5.83 (Best: Burns, Cheel, Boyle, Wotjala, Solomon)
(Clark 3, Davis 2, Willadsen 2, Wotjala 2, Boyle 2, Ryan, Cheel)
Round 19 14/08/1977 Owen Park Southport 24.21.165 Broadbeach 10.11.71 (Best: Bakes, Boyle, Ryan, Lowe, Ottoway, Couch, Cheel)
(Bakes 6, Clark 5, Davis 3, Boyle 3, Ryan 2, Webb, Lowe, Hyde, Ottoway, Kelly)
Round 20 21/08/1977 Salk Oval PBC 19.13.127 Southport 21.16.142 (Best: Ryan, Boyle, Davis, Solomon, Lowe, Morris, Willadsen)
(Davis 6, Morris 4, Clark 4, Webb 2, Ryan 2, Wotjala 2, Burns)
First Semi 28/08/1977 Broadbeach 15.11.101 PBC 9.8.62
Second Semi 4/09/1977 Salk Oval Southport 18.22.130 Coolangatta 12.8.80 (Best: Jordan, Cheel, Lowe, Boyle, Clark, Bakes)
(Clark 7, Morris 2, Maynard 2, Webb 2, Bakes 2, Taylor 2, Davis)
Reserves Southport 8.12.60 Coolangatta 11.9.75 (Best: Daffy, Gillett, Miles, Byrnes, Leahy, Watts)
(Hubbard 2, Miles 2, Couch, Tomlinson, Wolff, Piesley)
Colts Southport 10.6.66 Surfers 23.17.155 (Best: Hortz, Manyweather, Allen, Johns, Rosin, De Rooy)
(Manyweather 4, Fitzpatrick, Child, Wocker, Rosin, Wells, Sattler)
Prelim Final 11/09/1977 Coolangatta 20.14.134 Broadbeach 13.14.92
Reserves Southport 16.15.114 PBC 13.17.95 (Best: Bowtell, Rice, Piesley, Ottoway, Barry Rudd, Leahy, Morris)
(Barry Rudd 3, Brad Rudd 3, Rice 3, Miles 2, Bowtell, Forbes, Morris, Piesley, Ottoway)
Colts Southport 5.11.41 Coolangatta 10.16.76 (Best: Hortz, Menyweayher, Davis, Allen, Teveluwe, Child)
Grand Final 18/09/1977 Southport 22.18.150 Coolangatta 13.9.87 (Best: Bakes, Webb, Solomon, Clark, Boyle, Jordan, Couch)
(Bakes 9, Clark 5, Taylor 2, Webb 2, Ryan, Ottoway, Davis, Jordan)
Reserves Coolangatta 7.10.52 Southport 14.15.99 (Best: Miles, Wolfe, Kelly, Hortz, Piesley, Gillett)
(Miles 3, Wolfe 2, Barry Rudd 2, Maynard 2, Tomlinson, Whitfield, Piesley, Kelly, Brad Rudd)
Colts Surfers 15.7.97 Coolangatta 12.4.76