The new Owen Park clubhouse is opened and the more premierships flow on the field. 

The 1979 season was understandably the most important and rewarding in the history of the Southport Australian Football Club, as it has seen the establishment and operation of our own licensed club at Owen Park. This has guaranteed the future of Southport forever by providing a congenial social venue for players and supporters and an independent source of revenue.

SAFC Annual Report 1979 – Alan Mackenzie

The opening of the new clubhouse at Owen Park was probably the most important step in the evolution of the Magpies. Wally Fankhauser oversaw the project management and club Captain Coach Bob Webb was the registered builder. Local councilor Carl Robertson was of great assistance in the process. Alan Mackenzie, Ossie McDonald and Wally Fankhauser were guarantors on the $75,000 loan the club took out for this enterprise. Ossie McDonald had been an important “behind the scenes’ patron and benefactor of the club since the mid 1960’s and continued in this role for many years. Club legend Bill Ryan was appointed the first secretary/manager of the facility and had with excellent promotion (Click here to see an example), service and loyal patronage from a growing supporter base the new clubhouse was a roaring success. The loan was paid off within twelve months.

Many loyal volunteers such as Doug and Deneice Hannell were finally reaping the rewards of all their efforts from the 60’s and early 70’s. Doug was a brother in law of inaugural President Bill Woods and had served on committees and acted as timekeeper from the very beginnings of the club. The clubhouse was a proud and tangible asset that the Hannell’s and others had worked extremely hard to obtain. Audrey Fankhauser was another tireless volunteer who was rewarded with a sparkling new canteen to serve the faithful at training and on match days. Her leadership of a proactive ladies committee had funded many club activities for most of the early 70’s. Other important volunteers during this period included Bill Hassall, John Gonnard, Gerry Carmody and Frank Atchison.

On the field two more premiership flags were added to a clubhouse wall that was filling fast. Palm Beach-Currumbin and Coolangatta were formidable opponents all season and premiership favouritism fluctuated throughout the year. Broadbeach shifted during the season to their new facilities at Merrimac. The Burleigh Bombers also joined the GCAFL to make it an eight-team competition. The Bombers were at the receiving end of some fearful thrashings with scores against of over 35 goals being recorded on no less than 13 occasions. In round 14 the Magpies amassed 44.23.287 (almost eclipsing the club record 44.35.299 against Lismore in April 1978), with Bill Ryan kicking 21. Former Magpie colt Rick Fankhauser made it onto the Burleigh score sheet with 2 majors (Click here to read article).

Terry Baker (Photo) transferred from Palm Beach – Currumbin to begin a long and successful career with the Magpies. David “Digger” Apted arrived from Tasmania, as did new coach Brian Lowe. Sel Short and Rob Simpson proved to be two outstanding new recruits. In round eight new key forward John Hinkley, gave an unbelievable individual effort when kicked nine of ten goals to half time and 13 of 18 for the match in a victory over Broadbeach (Click here to read article).

After a Second Semi Final loss to the previous season’s nemesis in Coolangatta, Ken Clark kicked ten goals in a best on ground display in the Preliminary Final to lead the Magpies to victory over Palm Beach – Currumbin (Click here to read article). The 1979 GCAFL Grand Final was to prove a classic. In a bruising and at times violent affair the Magpies dominated the first half with Zane Taylor unstoppable at Centre Half Back. A 31-point half time lead was frittered away and the Blues led by as much as three goals during the final term. Zane Taylor was shifted from defence to attack and the game swung back in favour of the Magpies. A Ken Clark goal in the dying seconds gave the Magpies a thrilling three-point victory (Click here to read article). The reserve grade also showed great courage in their win over Broadbeach (Click here to read article).

Zane Taylor’s best on ground in the Grand Final was a follow up to his great displays for the Gold Coast versus Papua New Guinea and for Queensland against the Victorian Football Association (VFA). Bill Ryan, although only playing half a season finished second on a count back for the GCAFL’s Ron Todd Medal as well as claiming the Magpie’s Best and Fairest. Mick Torrens was rewarded with the Most Determined Trophy and Graham Hopkins was Most Consistent. Ken Watts won the reserve grade medal from fellow Magpie David Forbes. Colt Tony Ambrose won selection in the Queensland Teal Cup side and took home the colt’s goal kicking award.

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Match Results 1979

Date Venue Home Away Southport Goalkickers and Best Players
Round 1 1/04/1979 Paradise Point Southport 17.17.119 Broadbeach 9.14.68 (Best: Ryan, Simpson, Taylor, N Webb, Clark, V Miles, Short)
(Lowe 4, Miles 4, Clark 3, Apted 2, Simpson, Short, Morris, Ryan)
Round 2 8/04/79 Owen Park Southport 24.16.160 Labrador 10.14.74 (Best: Ryan, Taylor, Clark, Apted, Simpson, N Webb)
(Clark 8, Brian Lowe 6, Ryan 5, Short 3, Lynch, Morris)
Round 3 15/04/1979 Lismore Lismore 6.6.42 Southport 21.28.154 (Best: Ryan, Short, Clark, Piesley, N Webb, Ambrose)
(Clark 6, Apted 4, Brian Lowe 3, Morris 2, Short 2, Whitfield, Rice, V Miles, S Miles)
Round 4 22/04/1979 Owen Park Southport 11.19.85 Coolangatta 21.17.149 (Best: Ryan, Simpson, Gough, Lynch, Brian Lowe, Taylor, Hinckley)
(Brian Lowe 3, Clark 2, Hinkley 2, Hortz, Davis, Apted, Simpson)
Round 5 29/04/1979 Owen Park Southport 20.13.133 PBC 14.14.98 (Best: Hortz, Ryan)
Round 6 6/05/1979 Isle of Capri Southport 11.17.83 Surfers 8.7.55 (Best: Taylor, Hortz, Rosin, Morris, Apted, Lowe)
(Apted 4, Ryan 2, Torrens 2, Rosin, Baker, Morris)
Round 7 13/05/79 Salk Oval Burleigh 4.4.28 Southport 33.25.223 (Best: Apted, Rice, Baker, Hortz, Ryan, Simpson)
(Apted 7, Clark 5, Lynch 5, Baker 4, Gillam 3, Davis 3, Ambrose 3, Morris 2, N Webb, Rice)
Round 8 20/05/1979 Owen Park Southport 18.15.123 Broadbeach 10.9.69 (Best: Hinkley, Apted, Rice, Ryan, Taylor, Simpson)
(Hinkley 13, V Miles, Brian Lowe, Baker, Olsen, Rosin)
Round 9 27/05/1979 Labrador Oval Labrador 12.22.94 Southport 18.17.125 (Best: Simpson, Gough, Ryan, Hinkley, Taylor, Hortz, Torrens)
(Hinkley 5, Rosin 3, Morris 2, Ryan 2, Apted 2, Gough, Lowe, Baker)
Round 10 3/06/1979 Owen Park Southport 27.14.176 Lismore 19.13.127 (Best: Gough, Barry Lowe, Simpson, Osman, Rosin, Ryan)
(Clark 8, Ryan 3, Baker 3, Rosin 2, Apted 2, Hinkley, Lowe, Hunter)
Round 11 19/06/1979 Len Peak Oval Coolangatta 23.11.149 Southport 11.15.81
Round 12 24/06/79 Owen Park Southport 18.17.125 PBC 15.13.103 (Best: Ryan, Hopkins, Miles, Torrens, Morris, Taylor)
(Ryan 7, Rosin 2, Clark, Apted, Brian Lowe, Morris, baker, Hopkins, Torrens, Devlin, Barry Lowe)
Round 13 1/07/1979 Isle of Capri Surfers 14.13.97 Southport 15.17.107 (Best: Clark, Hopkins, Taylor, Barry Lowe, Morris, Rice)
(Clark 4, Morris 2, Gough 2, Brian Lowe 2, barry Lowe, Simpson, Baker, Apted, Hopkins)
Round 14 6/07/1979 Owen Park Southport 44.23.287 Burleigh 9.7.61 (Best: Ryan, Clark, Gough, Hopkins, Taylor, Apted)
(Ryan 21, Clark 6, Gough 4, Baker 3, Apted 3, Webb 2, Miles, Hopkins, Taylor, Barry Lowe, Simpson)
Round 15 15/07/1979 Merrimac Broadbeach 7.8.50 Southport 16.15.111 (Best: Clark, Simpson, Devlin, Rice, baker, Taylor)
(Clark 3, Baker 3, Short 3, Brian Lowe 2, Apted 2, Devlin, Simpson, Gough)
Round 16 22/07/1979 Owen Park Southport 27.13.175 Labrador 21.15.141 (Best: Clark, Simpson, Short, Ryan, Taylor, Apted)
(Ryan 5, Hinkley 4, Baker 4, Clark 3, Barry Lowe 3, Brian Lowe 2, Simpson 2, Devlin 2)
Round 17 29/07/1979 Riverview Park Lismore 12.7.79 Southport 12.23.95
Round 18 5/08/1979 Owen Park Southport 24.13.157 Coolangatta 19.24.138 (Best: Short, Jones, Devlin, Miles, Clark, Taylor, Hopkins)
(Ryan 4, Hopkins 4, Apted 3, Brian Lowe 3, Short 3, Clark 3, Hinkley, Lowe, Devlin)
Round 19 12/08/1979 Salk Oval PBC 16.8.104 Southport 15.9.99 (Best: Hortz, Taylor, devlin, Ryan, Rice, Simpson)
(Hopkins 4, Ryan 3, Baker 2, Morris 2, Brian Lowe 2, Clark, Hinkley)
Round 20 19/08/1979 Owen Park Southport 25.15.165 Surfers 14.12.96 (Best: Taylor, Ryan, Simpson, Hopkins, Torrens, Miles)
(Ryan 7, Clark 4, Lynch 4, Brian Lowe 3, Hopkins 3, rosin 2, Morris, Apted)
Round 21 26/08/1979 Owen Park Southport 37.24.246 Burleigh 7.3.45 (Best: Apted, Clark, Rosin, Ryan, Hopkins, Lynch, Hinkley)
(Brian Lowe 6, Hinkley 6, Lynch 5, Clark 5, Rosin 5, Hopkins 4, Apted 4, Morris 2)
First Semi 2/09/1979 PBC 15.15.105 Labrador 5.9.39
Reserves Broadbeach 21.18.144 Surfers 13.8.86
Colts Coolangatta 11.14.80 Surfers 7.13.55
Second Semi 9/09/1979 Len Peak Oval Southport 18.16.124 Coolangatta 21.14.140 (Best: Taylor, Hopkins, Apted, Devlin, Hinkley, Simpson, Ryan)
(Hopkins 5, Brian Lowe 3, Ryan 3, Clark 3, Apted 2, Short, Rosin)
Reserves Southport 21.17.143 Coolangatta 13.9.87 (Best:Osman, Baker, Miles, Keogh, Spencer, Davis, Whitfield)
(Spencer 5, Davis 5, Keogh 4, Gough 2, Eastbourne, Rudd, Quarell, Bowtell, Forbes)
Colts Southport 19.15.129 Broadbeach 14.8.92 (Best: Stewart, Beitz, Gourlay, Jones, Teveluwe, Ahearn, Ambrose)
(Gourlay 5,Ambrose 3, Pescud 3, Stewart 3, Teveluwe 2, Menyweather, Jones, Lowe)
Prelim Final 16/09/1979 Owen Park Southport 26.12.168 PBC 14.19.103 (Best: Clark, Taylor, Hopkins, Hinkley, Baker, Torrens, Short)
(Clark 10, Hinkley 5, Devlin 2, Hopkins 2, Morris 2, Taylor, Ryan, Simpson, Apted, Brian Lowe)
Reserves Broadbeach 14.16.100 Coolangatta 6.16.52
Colts Broadbeach 13.12.90 Coolangatta 13.11.89
Grand Final 23/09/1979 Salk Oval Southport 17.16.118 Coolangatta 16.19.115 (Best; Taylor, Short, Apted, Ryan, Simpson, Torrens)
(Apted 5, Clark 3, Lynch 2, Brian Lowe 2, Ryan, Hinkley, Hopkins, Devlin, Rosin)
Reserves Southport 16.15.111 Broadbeach 11.16.82 (Best: Keogh, Watts, Daffy, Peisley, Allard, Rudd)
(Keogh 4, Barry Lowe 3, Gough 2, Spencer 2, Whitfield 2, Bowtell, Davis, Purton)
Colts Southport 8.18.66 Broadbeach 18.10.118 (Best: Teveluwe, Menyweather, C Lowe, McKeown, Burnett, Johns)
(Pescud 2, Teveluwe 2, Gourlay, Stewart, Ambrose, Johns)