Five out of Six as the Magpies still reign

The departure of no less than eleven premiership players was to put the Magpies on the back foot over the 1979/80 off-season. The biggest loss was triple Best and Fairest winner Zane Taylor to VFL club Geelong (Click here to read article). Taylor quickly made the Geelong senior side and played 14 senior games in his first year despite suspensions and appendicitis. He also represented Queensland at the Gabba in a State of Origin match against Victoria. It was a case of exit one club hero and enter another with the arrival of Ballarat fireball

Gavin McGuane. McGuane won the first of his Best and Fairest’s in 1980. He was one of many new faces to reinvigorate a new look Magpies. Other arrivals included Arch Wilkey (Western Districts), Ian Jeffries, Roger Zerno (Darwin), Tony Coelli, Grey Brown, Neil Gibson (Western Districts/Coorparoo), Jim Keogh, Peter Obst, Tim Finnemore, Bob Tregenza, Grey Brown and Glen Ogden. Recruiting was completed with the mid season arrival of former Oakleigh (VFA) champion Ron Stewart. The ability of the Magpies administration to recruit the right sort of people was encapsulated well by new coach Bill Ryan.

When I first came to the Coast eight years ago, I saw a match … now I am sure it has progressed greatly and Southport have been the main reason, due to the types of recruits they have found. Not only good sportsman on the field but also off the field, and I think the committee over the last six or seven years are the reason for this. 

Senior Coaches Report SAFC Annual Report 1980

Michael Davidson returned to the club as a key forward and won the GCAFL goal kicking. He formed a formidable forward line with Peter Obst. The Magpies ruck division of Wilkey, Finnemore and Ryan were unbeatable all season. Bill Ryan notched his 100th game for the club during the season (Click here to read article). Graeme Fawdry won the GCAFL Colt’s medal.

Off the field the club announced its first major sponsor with the signing of Gold Coast identity Mike Gore’s, Fuji Moto Datsun Dealers. The social club went from strength to strength leading President Alan Mackenzie to say:

The Licensed Club has been outstandingly successful again this year to the extent that the building costs have been covered, and money has been invested on behalf of the club. The future financial independence of the club has been well and truly established. That this has been achieved in less than 2 years against an estimated 5 years is another illustration of the strength of our support.

Southport AFC Annual Report 1980

In a portent of things to come Southport AFC participated in a QAFL preseason competition. A memorable victory over 1980 QAFL Grand Finalists Coorparoo (who were beaten by a Norm Dare coached Kedron) kicked off the year well (Click here to read article). The Bill Ryan coached Magpies entered another finals series as favourites with only three losses during the home and away series. Palm Beach Currumbin, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta were to all challenge strongly however and the competition was decidedly more even than previous years. The season looked somewhat shaky however when on Second Semi Final day all three grades lost by a combined total of nine points. It all turned around on Preliminary Final day when a Sel Short (Photo) inspired Magpies triumphed over Coolangatta and the reserves and Colts won as well. It set up a highly anticipated Grand Final with Palm Beach Currumbin who had prevailed over the club in both 1971 and 1973. In another tense finale the Magpies were starring defeat in the face until the club’s undoubted spirit surfaced again to take out a fifth flag in the space of six years. Gold Coast Bulletin journalist TRUE BOOT summed up the achievement well:

The Mighty Magpies have done it again – they have won the premiership – and in doing so they have proved to all Gold Coast Aussie Rules followers that the desire to win burns deeply within the Southport club. Love ‘em or hate ‘em nobody can deny the fighting qualities of the Magpies when they are in a corner and fighting for survival. Against the PBC Lions in Sunday’s Grand Final the Magpies were being given a football lesson by the faster, enthusiastic Lions who had the flag at heir mercy half way through the third quarter. [The Magpies] looked flat, leaden footed and lacked inspiration – hardly the requirements to overhaul a six-goal deficit and win a premiership. But they did – somehow. There was no sensational change, unless the mercurial destructive example of Sel Short started to rub off on his teammates. The PBC half forward line ceased to function and the Magpies appeared to become a team of runners and were right back in the game at the final change. The Magpies were magnificent. Once they scented victory they could not be denied and, although the Lions fought desperately to hold on, Southport’s relentless determination had to prevail. They played the final term as though the premiership was theirs by divine right, and the final goal on the siren by Tim Finnemore from deep on the flank was scored with nonchalant arrogance. Hail the mighty Magpies – Premiers 1980 …

Gold Coast Bulletin 25th September 1980, p.70

Alan Mackenzie was to have these words to say about important contributors over a long period of time in the 1980 Southport AFC Annual Report.

In closing, I would like to pay tribute to two people who may not be serving in the same capacities next year – Bill Ryan who closes his illustrious career as a successful Captain Coach, has been in our six successive Grand Final appearances, played over 100 games for Southport. It has been a privilege to be associated with him. Audrey Fankhauser who has done an unbelievable amount of work for Southport through the Ladies Committee and through personal involvement. Many people would not realise the hours that Audrey has devoted to this club, even apart from Sundays. I do, and I would like to express my personal appreciation to her and I am sure that goes for all members.

Southport AFC Annual Report 1980

1980 Match Results

Date Venue Home Away Southport Goalkickers and Best Players
Round 1 30/03/1980 Merrimac Broadbeach 9.9.63 Southport 10.16.76
Round 2 6/04/80 Owen Park Southport 20.19.139 Labrador 15.13.103 (Best: Apted, Obst, Ryan, Clark, Biggs, Baker, Brown)
(Clark 4, Kim 3, Obst 3, Coelli 2, Apted 2, Short 2, Briggs, Davidson, McGuane, Jones)
Round 3 13/04/1980 Riverview Park Lismore 17.11.113 Southport 24.16.160 (Best: Ogden, Baker, Clark, Davidson, Radin, Ryan)
(Radin 8, Zerna 4, Davidson 3, Obst 2, Ambrose 2, Apted 2, Rice, Coelli, Clark)
Round 4 20/04/1980 Owen Park Southport 24.18.162 Coolangatta 11.17.83 (Best: Ryan, Jeffries, Finnemore, Davidson, Obst, Clark, Ambrose)
(Davidson 6, Finnemore 3, Obst 3, Clark 3, Ryan 2, Short 2, Tregenza 2, Rice, McGuane, Radin)
Round 5 27/04/1980 Owen Park Southport 14.13.97 PBC 16.18.114 (Best: Jones, Zerna, McGuane, Jeffries, Ambrose, Obst)
(Obst 5, Morris 3, Davidson 2, Tregenza, Ambrose, Short, Coelli)
Round 6 4/05/1980 Isle of Capri Surfers 5.11.41 Southport 9.6.60 (Best: McGuane, Zerna, Tregenza, Coelli, Clark, Baker)
(Apted 2, McGuane 2, Clark 2, Radin, Tregenza, Finnemore)
Round 7 11/05/80 Salk Oval Burleigh 1.9.15 Southport 37.16.238 (Best: Davidson, Baker, Clark, Coelli, Obst, Radin)
(Davidson 9, Obst 7, Tregenza 3, Apted 2, Brown 2, Ambrose 2, Beitz 2, Radin 2, Baker 2, Fawdry 2, Davis)
Round 8 18/05/1980 Owen Park Southport 21.23.149 Broadbeach 19.16.130 (Best: Davidson, Rice, Finnemore, Clark, Brown, Obst)
(Davidson 6, Obst 4, Finnemore 3, Rice 3, Clark 3, Apted, Thompson)
Round 9 25/05/1980 Labrador Oval Labrador 12.21.93 Southport 23.21.161 (Best: Ambrose, Clark, Davidson, Coelli, Finnemore, Zerna)
(Davidson 6, Obst 3, Ambrose 3, Jones 3, Clark 2, Thompson 2, Tregenza 2, Apted, Short)
Round 10 1/06/1980 Owen Park Southport 39.20.254 Lismore 16.8.104 (Best: McGuane, Finnemore, Ambrose, Obst, Baker, Jeffries)
(Obst 9, McGuane 8, Davidson 5, Ambrose 4, Clark 3, Tregenza 2, Ogden 2, Short 2, Morris)
Round 11 8/06/1980 Len Peak Oval Coolangatta 22.9.141 Southport 24.18.162 (Best: Ogden, Coelli, Gibson, Jeffries, Finnemore, Short)
(Ogden 6, Obst 4, Morris 3, Davidson 2, Clark 2, McGuane 2, Simpson, Ambrose, Ryan, Short, Apted)
Round 12 16/06/80 Owen Park Southport 16.10.106 PBC 2.9.21 (Best: McGuane, Brown, Coelli, Finnemore, Jeffries, Baker)
(Clark 3, Ogden 2, McGuane 2, Ryan 2, Apted, Tregenza, Finnemore, Davidson)
Round 13 22/06/1980 Isle of Capri Surfers 12.10.82 Southport 14.15.99 (Best: Jeffries, McGuane, Ryan, Clark, Finnemore, Gibson)
(Ryan 3, Short 2, Clark 2, Davidson, Finnemore, Stewart, Apted, Thompson, McGuane, Lyons)
Round 14 4/07/1980 Owen Park Southport 27.16.178 Burleigh 10.10.70 (Best: Gibson, Davidson, Ambrose, Baker, Clark, Thompson)
(Davidson 13, Lyons 3, Ogden 2, Thompson 2, Allen 2, Ambrose 2, Brown, Stewart, Clark)
Round 15 13/07/1980 Merrimac Broadbeach 11.11.77 Southport 9.12.60 (Best: Apted, Thompson, Ryan, Brown, Gibson, Jones)
(Ryan 4, Thompson 2, Apted, Davidson, Ogden)
Round 16 20/07/1980 Owen Park Southport 27.22.184 Labrador 10.5.65 (Best: Coelli, Ogden, McGuane, Gibson, Clark, Ambrose)
(Davidson 6, Clark 4, Ogden 3, Ryan 3, Brown 2, Stewart 2, Tregenza 2, McGuane, Devlin)
Round 17 27/07/1980 Riverview Park Lismore 10.12.72 Southport 25.20.170 (Best: McGuane, Wilkey, Gibson, Clark, Robinson, Baker)
(Clark 5, Davidson 5, Wilkey 5, Davis 3, Devlin 2, Apted, McGuane, Ambrose, Stewart, Thompson)
Round 18 3/08/1980 Owen Park Southport 19.22.136 Coolangatta 10.20.80 (Best: Coelli, Ryan, Finnemore, Baker, McGuane, Short)
(Davidson 3, Stewart 3, Apted 3, McGuane 2, Ryan 2, Finnemore 2, Wilkey, Morris, Ambrose, Rice)
Round 19 10/08/1980 Salk Oval PBC 10.12.72 Southport 20.17.137 (Best: Ryan, McGuane, Stewart, Brown, Coelli, Clark)
(Ogden 4, Morris 3, Ryan 3, Stewart 3, Ambrose 2, Davidson 2, Brown, Clark, Finnemore)
Round 20 17/08/1980 Owen Park Southport 10.12.72 Surfers 15.15.105 (Best: Stewart, Baker, Jeffries, Coelli, Short, Jones)
(Clark 3, Ryan 3, Stweart, Simpson, Wilkey, Davis)
Round 21 24/08/1980 Owen Park Southport 38.22.250 Burleigh 6.6.42 (Best: McGuane, Baker, Stewart, Coelli, Clark, Jeffries)
(Obst 10, Davidson 6, Clark 5, Apted 4, Ogden 3, Wilkey 3, Stewart 3, Brown, McGuane)
First Semi 31/08/1980 Salk Oval Surfers 12.7.79 Coolangatta 16.14.110
Reserves Broadbeach 14.10.94 Surfers 10.20.80
Colts Broadbeach 10.7.67 Surfers 8.8.56
Second Semi 7/09/1980 Len Peak Oval Southport 17.10.112 PBC 17.11.113 (Best: Baker, Stewart, Simpson, Gibson, Obst, Rice)
(Obst 6, Stewart 4, Clark 2, Wilkey 2, Ryan, Apted, Davidson)
Reserves Southport 12.19.91 Labrador 12.20.92 (Best: Lyons, Burns, Devlin, Daffy, Allard, Keogh)
(Radin 5, Lyons 2, Allen 2, P Clark, Burns, Devlin)
Colts Southport 10.11.71 Coolangatta 9.24.78 (Best: Burnett, Beitz, M Van Wyk, Robinson, Pullinger, Quigley)
(M Van Wyk 4, Bradley 2, M Burns 2, Costi, Robinson)
Prelim Final 14/09/1980 Owen Park Southport 25.12.162 Coolangatta 14.12.96 (Best: Short, Wilkey, Brown, Gibson, Clark, Obst)
(Obst 6, Short 5, Clark 4, Keogh 3, Finnemore 2, Ryan, McGuane, Simpson, Stewart, Wilkey)
Reserves Southport 15.16.106 Broadbeach 10.17.77 (Best: Lyons, Devlin, Burns, Featherstone, McDonald, Ganley)
(Allen 6, Watts 3, Lyons 2, Devlin 2, Radin 2)
Colts Southport 16.13.109 Broadbeach 8.19.67 (Best: Pullinger, Burnett, Beitz, M Burns, Quigley, C Van Wyk)
(M Van Wyk 5, Ambrose 3, Beitz 2, Costi 2, Bradley, Fawdry, Pullinger, C Van Wyk)
Grand Final 21/09/1980 Salk Oval Southport 17.18.120 PBC 15.8.98 (Best: Short, Finnemore, Gibson, Simpson, McGuane, Davidson)
(Davidson 5, Stewart 2, Ryan 2, Obst 2, Clark, McGuane, Apted, Short, Finnemore)
Reserves Labrador 13.16.94 Southport 13.14.92 (Best: Allard, Watts, Ganley, Featherstone, Allen, Lyons, Devlin)
(Allen 4, Devlin 3, Watts 2, Thompson 2, Davis, Lyons)
Colts Coolangatta 22.16.148 Southport 10.3.63 (Best: Pullinger, M Van Wyk, M Burns, Beitz, Fawdry, Burnett)
(M Van Wyk 3, Bradley 2, M Burns 2, Robinson, Ambrose, Healy)