Some Middlemiss magic caps a thrilling flag victory for the Sharks

HE managed only one goal in the grand final, but that solo six-pointer from flashy full-forward Glen Middlemiss will go down as one of the most crucial ever kicked in Southport’s history.

The match-winner, booted with just one minute remaining on the clock, gave Southport a three-point lead over Mayne in one of the great QAFL grand finals – coming at a time when Mayne looked home and hosed after they hit the lead late.

It was just one kick, yet so much hinged on it – and fittingly the final pass to Middlemiss, who took the ball on his chest as he slid along the ground on his knees – was delivered by another star forward Brett Thompson, who finished the match with six goals, but whose pinpoint pass will always remain with the Shark faithful as equal in importance as the Middlemiss finish.

The magic moment was captured on film by ace photographer Ron Lockens who, on instinct, moved to Middlemiss’s end of the ground.

“I thought if something special was going to happen, Middy was the player who would provide it,” said Lockens.

The Thompson pass, the Middlemiss mark, the kick for goal and subsequent jubiliation from the man Brisbane rivals dubbed ‘Rambo’ were captured by Lockens and a pictorial reminder sits in the Fankhauser Reserve clubrooms as a reminder of a special piece in the history of the Southport Sharks.

The premiership side of that year was:
Backs: Lino Girardi, Mick Youngs, Murray Cetinich.
Half-backs: Craig Crowley, Trevor Surman, John Millane.
Centres: Darren Carlson, Trevor Wilkins, Trevor Crowley.
Half-forwards: Andy Matheson, Paul Heerey, Mark Frawley.
Forwards: Gordon Coventry, Brett Thompson, Glen Middlemiss.
Rucks: Peter Guy, Zane Taylor, Gavan McGuane.
Interchange: Jason Cotter, Darren Coombe.

Full details of the match were:
SOUTHPORT  2.0  7.3  10.6     11.8 (74)
MAYNE             1.2  3.4    6.7  10.11 (71)
GOALS: Southport: B Thompson 6, G Middlemiss, M Frawley, G McGuane, A Matheson, Z Taylor. Mayne:  G Goss 4, J Farrer 2, R Finch, G Fitzpatrick, S Corbett, P Allison.
BEST: Southport: T Surman, P Guy, P Heerey, Z Taylor, B Thompson, M Youngs. Mayne:  B Burden, P Allison, G Maddison, M Nolan, J Rogers, J Matheson.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.

Middlemiss became something of a cult hero in his days at Southport, with his cut-away jumper revealing much of his considerable physical attributes.

Little wonder he was known as ‘Rambo’ in opposition camps.

Middlemiss fitted nicely into the forward role vacated by another blond, Gavin Exell, signed by the Sharks after stints in the VFL with St Kilda and Geelong.

Southport had retained the bulk of the 1984 side, but added Middlemiss, Tasmanian centre half-forward Paul Heerey and classy South Australian half-forward Andy Matheson.

Matheson kicked 48 goals after a delayed start, behind only Thompson (89) and Middlemiss (53) in the goalkicking stakes.

But the 1985 season was also notable for the one that set in motion what was to become one of the code’s great pathways for local talent.

In round two, Darren Carlson made his seniors debut in a home match against Windsor-Zillmere.

Along with defender Murray Cetinich (who was in the grand final side later that year), Carlson had been lured over to Owen Park as a raw teenager to play under-19s, but he was destined to be the first player to make the transition from the Surfers Paradise juniors, through the QAFL with Southport, and on to the AFL.

Carlson was subsequently followed by a string of Demon juniors to complete the same trek.

The 1985 season was also the one in which Southport’s awesome depth was so evident.

The club’s reserve grade side won the grand final, beating Morningside 12.10 (82) to 11.12 (78) after the colts scored in their grand final against Western Districts by 11.16 (82) to 9.17 (71).

The Sharks also took the midweek Foster’s Championship, winning six of seven preliminary matches before beating Western Districts by 15.15 (105) to 12.13 (85) in the final at Windsor Park in Brisbane.

With Zane Taylor winning the Grogan Medal and Trevor Surman the Joe Grant Medal for best on ground in the grand final, so ended Southport’s year of team and individual dominance.

Season details: Games played won 18, lost 2.
Best and fairest: Zane Taylor and Jason Cotter tied.
Grogan Medal: Zane Taylor.
Joe Grant Medal: Trevor Surman.
Leading goalkicker: Brett Thompson (89).
Foster’s Championship: Played 7, won six, won final v Western Districts 12.10 (82) to 9.17 (71).


Round 1 May 31):
SOUTHPORT   5.3  12.11  21.16  26.20 (176)
SHERWOOD    2.2      5.3      7.4         9.6 (60)
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 6, B Thompson 5, P Heery 5, J Crombie 3, T Crowley 2, D Coombe 2, B Evans, P Guy, G Coventry.
Southport best: D Coombe, G Middlemiss, Z Taylor, J Cotter, C Crowley, M Frawley.
At Leyshon Park, Brisbane.

Round 2 (Apr 7):
SOUTHPORT                    4.0  7.12  10.19  15.14 (114)
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  1.2   5.11    5.14     8.15 (63)
Southport goals: B Thompson 3, G Coventry 2, J Cotter 2, P Heerey 2, B Evans, T Crowley, G Middlemiss, M Frawley, J Millane, D Carlson.
Southport best: C Crowley, D Carlson, Z Taylor, T Surman, D Coombe, M Youngs.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 3 (Apr 14):
SOUTHPORT  4.7  7.15  12.18  22.25 (157)
MAYNE            3.6    9.9   13.12  16.14 (110)|
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 4, J Millane 3, T Crowley 2, G Coventry 2, J Cotter 2, B Thompson 2, P Guy, G McGuane, P Heerey, A Matheson, D Coombe, Z Taylor, M Frawley.
Southport best: J Cotter, D Carlson, L Girardi, T Surman, C Crowley, P Guy.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 4 (Apr 21):
SOUTHPORT       6.3  14.9  18.13  23.17 (155)
MORNINGSIDE  2.1     7.3    10.9    13.10 (88)
Southport goals: P Heerey 5, S Allen 4, P Bull 4, J Crombie 3, B Thompson 2, A Matheson 2, T Crowley, J Millane, G McGuane.
Southport best: T Surman, T Wilkins, P Bull, P Heerey, C Crowley, S Allen.|
At Esplen Oval, Brisbane.

Round 5 (Apr 28):
SOUTHPORT                    6.2  13.6  17.7  24.11 (155)
WESTERN DISTRICTS  4.4    6.7   17.7  15.17 (107)
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 8, B Thompson 4, P Heerey 3, G McGuane 2, T Crowley 2, T Wilkins 2, G Coventry, J Cotter, A Matheson.
Southport best: L Girardi, G Coventry, M Youngs, C Crowley, Z Taylor, B Thompson.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 6 (May 5):
SOUTHPORT  9.6  13.15  18.20  28.22 (190)
SANDGATE     1.0      2.4      4.7        6.9 (45)
Southport goals: B Thompson 10, A Matheson 5, G Middlemiss 4, P Heerey 4, G Coventry, G McGuane, J Cotter, D Carlson, Z Taylor.
Southport best: B Thompson, T Wilkins, T Surman, J Cotter, Z Taylor, C Crowley.
At Lemke Road, Brisbane.

Round 7 (May 19):
SOUTHPORT               3.3  7.7  12.10  16.11 (107)
WILSTON-GRANGE  6.0   8.0   12.9    12.10 (82)
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 5, D Coombe 3, J Crombie 2, A Matheson 2, G McGuane, B Thompson, P Heerey, J McNamara.
Southport best: J Cotter, G Coventry, C Crowley, Z Taylor, J McNamara, D Coombe.
At Hickey Park, Brisbane.

Round 8 (May 26):
KEDRON         8.4     9.7  15.11  20.15 (135)
SOUTHPORT  4.1  10.6  18.10  20.13 (133)

Southport goals: G Middlemiss 8, A Matheson 3, P Bull 3, J Cotter 2, T Crowley, G McGuane, P Heerey, S Mangan.
Southport best: G Middlemiss, Z Taylor, D Carlson, P Bull, J Cotter, A Matheson.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 9 (Jun 2):
COORPAROO  4.1  9.2   14.5  21.10 (136)
SOUTHPORT   4.5  7.9  10.13   12.16 (88)
Southport goals: P Heerey 6, C Purcell 2, T Crowley, P Boyce, D Coombe, S Mangan.
Southport best: Z Taylor, J Cotter, P Heerey, G Coventry, D Carlson, S Short.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 10 (Jun 9):
SOUTHPORT  9.3  16.9  29.13  37.24 (246)
SHERWOOD   2.0    3.0       4.1        9.2 (56)
Southport goals: B Thompson 14, G McGuane 5, A Matheson 5, D Coombe 5, P Bull 4, P Guy, T Crowley, C Crowley, P Heerey.
Southport best: B Thompson, Z Taylor, J Cotter, P Guy, G Coventry, G McGuane.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 11 (Jun 16):
SOUTHPORT                    5.2  11.4  15.6  23.8 (146)
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  3.2    4.2    8.7     12.8 (80)
Southport goals: B Thompson 8,A Matheson 5, G McGuane 2, J Cotter 2, C Purcell 2, P Guy 2, J Millane, G Coventry.
Southport best: M Youngs, J Cotter, P Guy, B Thompson, Z Taylor, S Short.
At O’Callaghan Park, Brisbane.

Round 12 (Jun 23):
SOUTHPORT  4.3  7.6  13.8  18.16 (124)
MAYNE             1.3  3.3    9.5     12.6 (78)
Southport goals: B Thompson 6, A Matheson 5, G Coventry, J Millane, J Cotter, D Carlson, P Heerey, C Purcell.
Southport best: L Girardi, T Wilkins, A Matheson, Z Taylor, G Coventry, J Millane.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.

Round 13 (Jul 7):
SOUTHPORT       2.7  7.11  8.16  12.20 (92)
MORNINGSIDE  1.5    2.9  7.13    9.14 (68)
Southport goals: T Crowley 3, G Middlemiss 3, G Coventry, M Frawley, J Cotter, C Crowley, P Heerey, D Coombe.
Southport best: G Coventry, Z Taylor, T Surman, J Cotter, C Crowley, D Carlson.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 14 (Jul 21):
SOUTHPORT                   5.5  8.10  15.12  21.14 (140)
WESTERN DISTRICTS  1.4    5.7       6.9      10.9 (69)
Southport goals: B Thompson 7, J Cotter 5, A Matheson 4, P Guy, T Crowley, G Middlemiss, M Frawley, G McGuane, P Heerey.
Southport best: J Cotter, G Coventry, Z Taylor, J Millane, D Carlson, M Youngs.
At Chelmer Oval, Brisbane.

Round 15 (Jul 28):
SOUTHPORT  7.3  14.8  18.15  23.23 (161)
SANDGATE     2.0    5.2       7.3       9.7 (61)
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 6, G McGuane 3, A Matheson 3, M Frawley 2, C Crowley 2, C Purcell 2, P Guy, T Wilkins, S Short, J Millane, M Youngs.
Southport best: J Millane, G McGuane, G Coventry, Z Taylor, D Carlson, G Middlemiss.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane (TV match of the round).

Round 16 (Aug 4):
SOUTHPORT  3.9  6.11  12.17  14.19 (103)
KEDRON          2.3    3.7      4.7      5.10 (40)
Southport goals: B Thompson 6, A Matheson 5, M Frawley, G McGuane, M Cetinich.
Southport best: G McGuane, P Guy, G Coventry, T Surman, D Carlson, B Thompson.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane (TV match of the round).

Round 17 (Aug 11):
SOUTHPORT               8.4  11.10  14.12  21.18 (144)
WILSTON-GRANGE  2.3      8.6    9.10  15.13 (103)

Southport goals: B Thompson 7, A Matheson 5, T Surman 3, G Middlemiss 2, P Heerey 2, T Wilkins, M Frawley.
Southport best: P Guy, C Crowley, G Coventry, D Carlson, P Heerey, G McGuane.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 18 (Aug 11):
SOUTHPORT    4.1  7.8  8.9  11.9 (75)
COORPAROO  1.2  2.4  5.9  5.13 (43)
Southport goals: B Thompson 4, Z Taylor 3, M Frawley 2, G Middlemiss, A Matheson.
Southport best: Z Taylor, M Youngs, C Crowley, T Surman, G Coventry, M Frawley.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane (TV match of the round).

Major semi-final (Sept 1):
SOUTHPORT  3.6  4.10  5.13  10.17 (77)
MAYNE            0.4    0.6    2.9    6.14 (50)
Southport goals: B Thompson 4, G Middlemiss 3, M Frawley, P Heerey, Z Taylor.
Southport best: P Guy, T Surman, P Heerey, G Coventry, M Youngs, G McGuane, Z Taylor.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.

Grand final (Sept 15):
SOUTHPORT  2.0  7.3  10.6     11.8 (74)
MAYNE             1.2  3.4    6.7  10.11 (71)
Southport goals: B Thompson 6, G Middlemiss, M Frawley, G McGuane, A Matheson, Z Taylor.
Southport best: T Surman, P Guy, P Heerey, Z Taylor, B Thompson, M Youngs.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.