Sweet revenge exacted by the Sharks in a season to savour

SOUTHPORT did not take long to complete stage one of the plan to wrest the QAFL premiership flag back from Coorparoo.

The chase for redemption had the perfect start when the Sharks beat the Roos by 17 points at Giffin Park in Brisbane, setting the scene for what many long-time supporters feel was perhaps the best Sharks sides to go around in state league.

But this piece of the club’s history paled into insignificance compared to what was to wind up the season – a Sharks premiership; VFL legend Gary Dempsey finally drinking from a premiership cup; and a wild pre-first bounce brawl that had beaten coach Wayne Brittain subsequently launching a scathing attack on his rival Norm Dare.

The Sharks lost a few playing personnel in the off-season, including Trevor Surman and Ross Hillary, but the nucleus of the beaten 1986 grand final was still there, boosted by big Peter Johnston and Ray Sarcevic from Geelong and Stuart Glascott from Carlton’s reserves.

Southport also ‘recruited’ Chris Stacey from the Brisbane Bears under the QAFL-Bears drafting set-up of the era.

Darren Carlson started the season off with Southport, but was called up for his AFL debut mid-season. He returned to be a part of the grand final win.

And rugged Phil McGarry signed from Morningside. ‘Champ’ was to become a super clubman.

The heated finale to the season – which flared when Chris Van Wyk tangled with Zillmere’s young hotshot Robbie Dickfos – led to Brittain accusing Dare of ordering his players to go the biff and that he would never again instruct his own players to play the ball in a grand final.

The Brittain tirade was like water off a duck’s back to Southport president Dr Alan Mackenzie, who noted that, if Brittain had instructed his players to go the ball only, how come so many of them rushed in to join the wild brawl that left Dempsey with a gaping cut above his eye, one that requited a number of stitches.

Dr Mackenzie also noted that Glascott had a contact lens ripped out and that Carlson was clearly targeted by the Eagles.

Victory was an emotional time for the club, especially for big Dempsey, who clutched his first premiership cup, took a swig of champagne, then declared: “The bloody thing leaks.”

Then there was the eerie silence in the Owen Park clubrooms later that night when Dempsey took the microphone, blood still seeping from his eye wound.

Normally, the Southport room was a din, with little to be heard over the hardly adequate PA system. But when Demps grabbed the microphone everyone stopped talking and listened to one of the greats of the game.

To end a speech delivered from the heart, Dempsey declared: “I played 200 games for Footscray, I played 100 for North Melbourne, so 50 games with Southport sounds pretty good to me.”

The intent was to go on in 1988, but he subsequently retired a few weeks into the season and returned to Victoria.

Another notable in the season was the arrival of Peter Riewoldt, a big Tasmanian ruck/forward and the uncle of one Nick Riewoldt, who played with Southport in 1999 and 2000 before going on to become a superstar of the AFL with St Kilda.

The side for the grand final was:
Backs: Brad Nicholls, Phil McGarry, Paul Snare.
Half-backs: Craig Crowley, Peter Johnston, John Glynn.
Centres: Stuart Glascott, Darren Carlson, Phillip Philcox.
Half-forwards: Ray Sarcevic, Gary Dempsey, Chris Van Wyk.
Forwards: Chris Stacey, Brett Thompson, Gordon Coventry.
Rucks: Peter Riewoldt, Zane Taylor, Jason Cotter.
Interchange: Gavan McGuane, Paul Drever.

Full details of the grand final:
SOUTHPORT                    3.3  8.10  11.14  13.17 (95)
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  1.3     2.4      7.5    11.6 (72)
GOALS: Southport: B Thompson 4, G Coventry 3, C Stacey, G McGuane, C Van Wyk, Z Taylor, P Philcox, J Cotter. Windsor-Zillmere:  J Blair 4, P Ugle 3, J Payne 2, D Peet, J Horan.
BEST: Southport: G Dempsey, G Coventry, J Cotter, S Glascott, P McGarry, Z Taylor. Windsor-Zillmere: P Ugle, G Frank, C Brittain, C Frugtneit, C Buchanan, J Horan.
This year also marked the first time the Sharks completed the clean sweep of  seniors, reserves and colts premierships.

Season details: Games played 21, won 19, lost 2.
Best and fairest: Stuart Glascott.
Joe Grant Medal: Gary Dempsey.
Leading goalkicker: Gary Dempsey (70).
State Championship:
 Played 9, won 8, lost 1, won final v Wilston-           Grange 12.16 (88) to 10.10 (70) at Gold Coast Stadium.


Round 1 (Mar 29):
SOUTHPORT   3.3  7.5  12.12  17.15 (117)
COORPAROO  3.0  5.3      9.7  15.10 (100)
Southport goals: G Coventry 3, Z Taylor 3, 3 P Johnston 2, D Carlson 2, G Dempsey 2, P McGarry, G McGuane, D Williams, S Glascott, J Cotter.
Southport best: G Coventry, S Glascott, D Carlson, B Nicholls, P McGarry, A Page.
At Giffin Park, Coorparoo.

Round 2 (Apr 5):
SOUTHPORT  4.5  9.10  15.11  22.17 (149)
MAYNE            2.6    3.7    8.12    10.13 (73)
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 5, S Glascott 5, G Coventry 3, D Carlson 2, G Dempsey 2, R Sarcevic, G McGuane, D Williams, Z Taylor, J Cotter.
Southport best: S Glascott, P Snare, D Carlson, B Nicholls, G Coventry, A Page.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 3 (Apr 12):
SOUTHPORT  8.7  16.13  24.21  30.26 (206)
SHERWOOD   3.7    3.10    5.13       9.13 (67)
Southport goals: P Johnston 9, G Dempsey 6, Z Taylor 4, C Stacey 2, G McGuane 2, D Williams 2, J Cotter 2, D Carlson, M Youngs, G McKenzie.
Southport best: C Crowley, B Nicholls,  D Carlson, C Stacey, P Johnston, G Dempsey.
At Chelmer Oval, Brisbane.

Round 4 (Apr 19):
SOUTHPORT                    1.3  7.3  16.7  19.10 (124)
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  6.0  9.4  10.8       12.9 (81)
Southport goals: G Dempsey 5, P Johnston 4, D Carlson 3, G Coventry 2, J Cotter 2, G McGuane, C Crowley, Z Taylor.
Southport best: B Nicholls, S Glascott, D Carlson, J Cotter, G Dempsey,l D Bowtell.
At Gold Coast Stadium, Carrara.

Round 5 (Apr 25):
SOUTHPORT                    6.8  13.17  22.22  23.27 (165)
WESTERN DISTRICTS  1.1       4.2      4.3       6.7 (43)
Southport goals: G Middlemiss 7, L Girardi 4, G Dempsey 4, R Sarcevic 2, S Glascott 2, G McGuane, B Nicholls, D Bowtell, C Van Wyk.
Southport best: O Johnston, M Frawley, D Bowtell, B Nicholls, S Glascott, G Dempsey.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 6 (May 3):
SOUTHPORT  5.9  12.11  23.13  31.14 (200)
SANDGATE     2.2      2.3      6.4        9.9 (63)
Southport goals: G Coventry 8, J Cotter 5, G Middlemiss 4, G Dempsey 3, C Stacey 2, P Johnston 2, Z Taylor 2, R Sarcevic, G McGuane, D Carlson, S Glascott, P Stubbs.
Southport best: P Guy, D Carlson, G Coventry, S Glascott, C Stacey, J Cotter.
At Lemke Road, Brisbane.

Round 7 (May 10):
SOUTHPORT               6.10  9.17  17.20  29.27 (201)
WILSTON-GRANGE    2.3    5.5      7.7      11.8 (74)
Southport goals: G Dempsey 6, M Frawley 5, C Stacey 3, Z Taylor 3, P Philcox 3, J Cotter 3, P Guy 2, G Coventry, G McGuane, D Carlson, C Crowley.
Southport best: B Nicholls, P Riewoldt, M Frawley, P Johnston, G Dempsey, S Glascott.
At Hickey Park, Brisbane.

Round 8 (May 16):
SOUTHPORT  10.6  15.10  25.12  30.14 (194)
KEDRON            1.2      1.3      3.5        3.9 (27)
Southport goals: C Stacey 8, G Dempsey 7, G Coventry 2, D Carlson 2, P Philcox 2, J Cotter 2, P Johnston, G McGuane, D O’Keeffe, M Frawley.
Southport best: P Johnston, C Stacey, D O’Keeffe, C Crowley, G Dempsey, D Carlson.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 9 (May 31):
SOUTHPORT       9.7  17.12  28.18  37.22 (244)
MORNINGSIDE   3.2     7.6     9.10  14.16 (100)
Southport goals: M Frawley 7, G Dempsey 5, C Stacey 4, Z Taylor 4, P McGarry 3, G Coventry 3, R Sarcevic 2, D Carlson 2, C Crowley 2, S Glascott 2, P Johnston, G McGuane, P Philcox.
Southport best: C Croweley, D Carlson, S Glascott, P Johnston, J Cotter, P Philcox.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 10 (Jun 8):
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  3.1  7.4  10.8  13.11 (89)
SOUTHPORT                    5.1  7.5   9.5    11.9 (75)
Southport goals: J Cotter 3, G Coventry 3, G Dempsey 2, M Frawley, P Riewoldt, G McGuane.
Southport best: J Cotter, P Riewoldt, R Sarcevic, M Youngs, C Van Wyk, P Snare.
At O’Callaghan Park, Brisbane.

Round 11 (Jun 13):
SOUTHPORT  4.4  11.8  14.15  17.18 (120)
MAYNE             3.2   4.5      6.7      9.10 (64)
Southport goals: Z Taylor 6, D Williams 3, M Frawley 2, P McGarry, G Coventry, G McGuane, G Dempsey, C Van Wyk, J Cotter.
Southport best: P Johnston, P Snare, S Glascott, Z Taylor, P Guy, P Riewoldt.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.

Round 12 (Jun 27):
SOUTHPORT   5.11  8.16  14.22  19.27 (141)
COORPAROO   3.5     6.7    8.11    13.15 (93)
Southport goals: P Philcox 5,M Frawley 4, J Cotter 2, C Stacey 2, P Drever, C Van Wyk, C Crowley, B Nicholls, G Coventry, P McGarry.
Southport best: P Johnston, P Guy, C Crowley, A Page, P Philcox, P Drever.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 13 (Jul 4):
SOUTHPORT  7.5  14.14  27.17  37.21 (243)
   2.4      3.4      7.7      11.7 (73)
Southport goals: C Stacey 6, C Crowley 6, P Johnston 5, S Glascott 4, R Sarcevic 3, C Van Wyk 3, Z Taylor 3, G Coventry 2, P Riewoldt 2, P Philcox 2, G Dempsey.
Southport best: S Glascott, P Philcox, M Frawley, P McGarry, C Crowley, G Dempsey.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 14 (Jul 19):
SOUTHPORT  5.2  13.4  17.22  26.26 (182)
SANDGATE     1.5    3.8    6.12      9.18 (72)
Southport goals: G Dempsey 4, C Stacey 3, P Johnston 3, R Sarcevic 3, G McGuane 3, C Crowley 3, P McGarry, B Nicholls, S Glascott, M Frawley, P Snare, J Cotter, Z Taylor.
Southport best: C Crowley, S Glascott, G Dempsey, B Nicholls, R Sarcevic, J Cotter.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 15 (Jul 26):
SOUTHPORT                   11.3  15.10  23.19  31.25 (211)
WESTERN DISTRICTS   3.2       3.7    5.10     8.12 (60)
Southport goals: S Glascott 5, R Sarcevic 4,  G McGuane 3, G Dempsey 3, P Snare 3, C Stacey 2, P Johnston 2, D Williams 2, M Youngs 2, Z Taylor 2, P Philcox 2, M Frawley.
Southport best: G McGuane, P Johnston, D Williams, P Snare, S Glascott, P Guy.
At Chelmer Oval, Brisbane.

Round 16 (Aug 2):
SOUTHPORT               5.6  16.10  20.13  28.18 (186)
WILSTON-GRANGE  6.4      7.7   17.13  22.14 (146)
 Southport goals: C Stacey 6, G Coventry 6, G Dempsey 5, G McGuane 4, R Sarcevic 3, P Johnston, C Crowley, Z Taylor, P Philcox.
Southport best: B Nicholls, G Coventry, G McGuane, G Dempsey, D Bowtell, P Riewoldt.
At Owen Park, Southport.

Round 17 (Aug 8):
SOUTHPORT  5.5  12.12  20.14  32.15 (207)
KEDRON          2.3      5.6      8.7      10.8 (68)
Southport goals: B Thompson 11, G Dempsey 7, R Sarcevic 5, D Williams 2, J Cotter 2, G Coventry, G McGuane, R Jones, P Riewoldt, C Crowley.
Southport best: B Nicholls, C Crowley, B Thompson, G Dempsey, P Guy, P McGarry.
At Anderson Oval, Brisbane.

Round 18 (Aug 16):
SOUTHPORT       3.8  9.14  14.19  17.22 (124)
MORNINGSIDE  3.4    4.7    5.10     11.14 (80)
Southport goals: B Thompson 5, G Dempsey 3, C Stacey 2, R Sarcevic 2, J Cotter 2, P Johnston, Z Taylor, P Philcox.
Southport best: P Snare, B Nicholls, Z Taylor, C Stacey, G Coventry, P Drever.
|At Gold Coast Stadium, Carrara.

Major semi-final (Aug 30):
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  6.2  9.6  12.8  16.11 (107)
SOUTHPORT                    3.3  5.6  8.11   13.13 (91)
Southport goals: G Coventry 3, B Thompson 3, P Johnston 2, P McGarry 2, J Cotter, C Stacey, Z Taylor.
Southport best: Z Taylor, G Coventry, B Nicholls, J Cotter, P McGarry.
At O’Callaghan Park, Brisbane.

Preliminary final (Sept 6):
SOUTHPORT                3.3  13.6  15.9  20.12 (132)
WILSTON-GRANGE   3.4    3.5    6.8      10.8 (68)
Southport goals: B Thompson 5, G Dempsey 4, G Coventry 3, C Stacey 2, P Philcox 2, P Guy, R Sarcevic, C Crowley, S Glascott.
Southport best: J Glynn, B Nicholls, S Glascott, G Dempsey, D Carlson, C Van Wyk
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.

Grand final (Sept 13):
SOUTHPORT                    3.3  8.10  11.14  13.17 (95)
WINDSOR-ZILLMERE  1.3     2.4      7.5    11.6 (72)
Southport goals: B Thompson 4, G Coventry 3, C Stacey, G McGuane, C Van Wyk, Z Taylor, P Philcox, J Cotter.
Southport best: G Dempsey, G Coventry, J Cotter, S Glascott, P McGarry, Z Taylor.
At Windsor Park, Brisbane.