Cotter masterminds another unbeaten run at premiership glory

COACH Jason Cotter and his Sharks created another piece of club and State League history when they completed a second unbeaten premiership campaign.

And the Sharks trod on the toes of Gold Coast rivals Broadbeach by poaching a junior Cat superstar.

Class defender Chris Smith departed, but the Sharks certainly did not lose anything by recruiting Mark Bradley, who turned out to be one of the best defenders ever recruited by the club.

Bradley, a former Collingwood listed key position player, was a descendant of an American Red Indian tribe and went on to make Southport’s Best of 25 Years of State League side at centre half-back.

Full-back Greg Pemberton also came down from Cairns and proved an excellent recruit.

Danny Wise, destined for big things in the white and black, made his debut as an 18-year-old rover and Steve McLuckie, formerly listed with the Brisbane Bears, returned to Southport from a stint in Adelaide.

Damon Lawrence, Tim Deacon and Brent  Green were also on board in a Southport team that had plenty of forward options, which suffocated somewhat the flash of Mackay.

The quality that Shaun Coughlan provided was also an option up forward.

One of the season’s big talking points – and still a sore point among the faithful at Gold Coast neighbours Broadbeach – was the luring of potential superstar Nick Riewoldt to Musgrave Hill.

A stand-out in the Cats juniors over many seasons, Riewoldt and his family elected to move to Musgrave Hill simply because they feltSouthport had better facilities to offer up-and-coming youngsters at the time.

Dad Joe insisted money had nothing to do with it – as claimed by Broadbeach officials at the time.

Broadbeach appealed to the QSFL but, although the ruling body was sympathetic, could do nothing about it because of the different constitutions between junior and senior bodies.

So Riewoldt became a Shark. He did not play in the seniors in his first year, mainly because of Queensland under-18 duties, but he featured prominently in the club’s reserve grade finals march to a flag.

Of course the rest is history and Riewoldt went on to become one of the AFL’s true champions with St Kilda.

Troy Crossley, also a former Broadbeach junior, was signed after completing a stint in Adelaide and another key appointment, off the field this time, was the signing of  the ‘enemy’, triple Morningside premiership coach Martin King as junior development officer.

King spent two seasons with the Sharks before moving on to bigger things with AFL Queensland.
Rover David Bain became the first player to complete the treble of Sandover Medal (WAFL), Gardiner Medal (AFL reserves) and Grogan Medal (QAFL).

Southport subsequently completed the premiership double, trouncing the Northern Eagles by 43 points At Coorparoo in Brisbane.

The grand final team was:
Backs: Dean Bowtell, Greg Pemberton, Clint Watts.
Half-backs: David Bain, Mark Bradley, Brendon Martin.
Centres: Steve McLuckie, Shaun Ballans, Nathan Balshaw.
Half-forwards: Craig Mansbridge, Brent Green, Sean Coughlan.
Forwards: Rod Mackay, Tim Deacon, Nick Mansbridge.
Rucks: Troy Crossley, Damon Lawrence, Danny Wise.
Interchange: Mark Adamson, Campbell Black, Adam McKenzie, Shaun Stephens.

Full details:
SOUTHPORT      3.3  7.7  11.11  15.14 (104)
NTHN EAGLES  3.1  5.4      5.5         9.7 (61)
GOALS: Southport: T Deacon 6, R Mackay 3, C Black 2, A McKenzie, C Watts, C Mansbridge, B Green. Northern Eagles: R Williamson 3, D Craven 2, M Smith 2, C Buchanan, M Waters.
BEST: Southport: S Ballans, D Bain, M Bradley, G Pemberton, S McLuckie, D Lawrence. Northern Eagles: T Warren, B Howson, D Dickfos, D Benham, R Williamson, M Waters.
At Giffin Park, Brisbane.

Season details: Games played 18, won 18, lost 0.
Best and fairest: Shaun Ballans.
Grogan Medal: David Bain (tied with Brad Jones from Mt Gravatt).
Joe Grant Medal: 
Shaun Ballans.
Leading goalkicker:
 Rod Mackay (74).


Round 1 (Apr 17):
SOUTHPORT      3.9  8.14  13.18  19.26 (140)
BROADBEACH  0.1     0.1      1.4        2.5 (17)
Southport goals: R Mackay 8, C Mansbridge 3, N Mansbridge 2, T Deacon 2, C Watts, D Wise, J Pate, R Martin.
Southport best: C Watts, S Stephens, S Ballans, M Bradley, R Martin, R Mackay.
At Fankhauser Reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 2 (Apr 24):
SOUTHPORT  6.5  10.8  15.13  27.20 (182)
LIONS CUBS    1.1    2.4     3.5        3.6 (24)
Southport goals: R Mackay 5, B Green 4, C Mansbridge 3, T Deacon 3, R Martin 3, S McLuckie 2, S Ballans 2, J Pate 2, D Bowtell, M Bradley, D Lawrence.
Southport best: S Stephens, R Martin, D Bowtell, S Ballans, D Wise, C Watts.
At Fankhauser Reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 3 (May 2):
SOUTHPORT  3.3  5.6    8.9  13.15 (93)
MAYNE            6.7  8.7  11.9  11.10 (76)
Southport goals: R Mackay 3, S Coughlan 2, S Stephens 2, D Wise, T Deacon, A McKenzie, C Watts, J Pate, N Mansbridge.
Southport best: G Pemberton, G Hayes-Dewar, S Stephens, D Wise, M Bradley.
At Anderson Oval, Brisbane.

Round 4 (May 8):
SOUTHPORT      1.2  5.5  8.5  10.7 (67)
NTHN EAGLES  2.4  3.4  4.6     7.7 (49)
Southport goals: B Green 2, T Deacon 2, R Martin 2, S Stephens, N Mansbridge, R Mackay, S O’Donoghue.
Southport best: S Stephens, D Lawrence, G Hayes-Dewar, M Bradley, N Mansbridge.
At Fankhauser Reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 5 bye

Round 6 (May 22):
SOUTHPORT     3.4  8.5  10.7  12.8 (80)
MT GRAVATT  1.3  1.3    2.7     3.9 (27)
Southport goals: R Mackay 3, B Backhouse 3, C Watts, A McKenzie, S Coughlan, S McLuckie, D Lawrence, T Deacon.
Southport best: S Ballans, S McLuckie, D Lawrence, T Deacon, A McKenzie.
At Dittmer Park, Brisbane.

Round 7 (Apr 29):
SOUTHPORT  6.4  13.6  14.12  20.21 (141)
LABRADOR     0.3    1.5      4.5        5.5 (35)
Southport goals: R Mackay 9, C Mansbridge 3, B Backhouse 2, T Deacon 2, S Coughlan 2, C Black, T Crossley.
Southport best: R Mackay, S Coughlan, G Pemberton, N Mansbridge, S Ballans.
At Cooke-Murphy Oval, Labrador.

Round 8 (Jun 5):
SOUTHPORT       2,6  8.9  9.15  12.16 (88)
MORNINGSIDE  0.3  1.3     2.7      2.8 (20)
Southport goals: T Deacon 3, A McKenzie 2, C Mansbridge 2, D Bain 2, R Mackay 2, C Black.
Southport best: G Pemberton, S Ballans, D Bain, G Hayes-Dewar, C Watts, C Mansbridge.
At Fankhauser Resergve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 9 (Jun 12):
SOUTHPORT             3.6  4.10  8.12  10.14 (74)
MAROOCHYDORE  1.0     2.1    3.1     4.3 (27)
Southport goals: R Mackay 3, B Backhouse 2, C Black 2, C Mansbridge, N Mansbridge, D Bain.
Southport best: M Bradley, D Bain, R Martin, T Crossley.
At Fisherman’s Road, Sunshine Coast.

Round 10 bye

Round 11 (Jun 26):
SOUTHPORT  7.5  12.10  19.14  22.22 (154)
MAYNE            0.3      1.4     1.4         2.7 (19)
Southport goals: C Black 4, T Deacon 4, R Mackay 4, A McKenzie 2, D Wise 2, S Coughlan 2, C Mansbridge, S Ballans, N Mansbridge, R Martin.
Southport best: S McLuckie, C Watts, G Pemberton, M Bradley, S Ballans.
At Fankhauser Reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 12 (Jul 3):
SOUTHPORT      4.2  9.3  11.9  13.13 (91)
BROADBEACH  2.0  6.0     7.3      8.6 (54)
Southport goals: C Black 4, C Mansbridge 3, B Backhouse 2, R Mackay 2, T Deacon 2, S Coughlan.
Southport best: S Coughlan, D Lawrence, M Bradley, B Backhouse, S Ballans.
At Merrimac Oval, Broadbeach Waters.

Round 13 (Jul 18):
SOUTHPORT      2.1  4.2  8.5  11.6 (72)
NTHN EAGLES  2.2  5.4  6.6     9.7 (61)
Southport goals: T Deacon 5, R Mackay 2, C Black, A McKenzie, S Coughlan.
Southport best: M Bradley, D Lawrence, T Deacon, C Mansbridge, D Bain.
At O’Callaghan Park, Brisbane.

Round 14 (Jul 24):
SOUTHPORT       1.3  1.5  4.8  6.11 (47)
MORNINGSIDE  2.1  2.5  2.6     2.6 (18)
Southport goals: S McLuckie, S Ballans, C Mansbridge, D Wise, T Crossley, C Black.
Southport best: T Crossley, M Bradley, C Mansbridge, S Ballans, S Stephens.
At Esplen Oval, Brisbane.

Round 15 (Jul 31):
SOUTHPORT     1.3  7.5  15.9  20.12 (132)
MT GRAVATT  3.3  3.5    3.7       6.11 (47)
Southport goals: R Mackay 6, T Deacon 5, S Coughlan 4, B Green, D Bain, B Backhouse, J Pate, S McLuckie.
Southport best: S Coughlan, S McLuckie, T Deacon, B Green, S Stephens.
At Fankhauser Reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 16 (Aug 7):
SOUTHPORT              6.1  15.5  21.8  27.16 (178)
MAROOCHYDORE  1.0     1.3    2.3        5.4 (34)
Southport goals: R Mackay 10, S Coughlan 5, S Stephens 3, B Greedn 3, T Deacon 3, S McLuckie, D Lawrence, T Crossley.
Southport best: S McLuckie, S Coughlan, R Mackay, S Ballans, S Stephens, D Bain.
At Fankhauser reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Round 17 (Aug 15):
SOUTHPORT  7.4  12.7  16.12  19.17 (131)
LIONS CUBS    0.1    1.1     3.3         5.8 (38)
Southport goals: R Mackay 5, T Deacon 4, C Mansbridge 3, N Mansbridge 2, S McLuckie, S Stephens, B Green, D Wise, S Coughlan.
Southport best: D Bain, G Hayes=De3war, S McLuckie, M Bradley, R Mackay, R Martin.
At the Gabba, Brisbane.

Round 18 (Aug 21):
SOUTHPORT  4.4  7.4  11.6    15.7 (97)
LABRADOR     2.2  8.6    9.9  10.13 (73)
Southport goals: T Deacon 6, R Mackay 3, S Coughlan 3, S Stephens, N Mansbridge, D Wise.
Southport best: S Ballans, S McLuckie, T Deacon, T Crossley, D Wise.
At Fankhauser Reserve, Musgrave Hill.

Second semi-final (Sept 4):
SOUTHPORT      2.1  8.2  12.6  16.9 (105)
NTHN EAGLES  5.3  7.4    8.6     10.7 (67)
Southport goals: R Mackay 5, B Green 3, T Deacon 2, D Wise 2, B Martin, C Watts, M Adamson, C Black.
Southport best: T Crossley, N Balshaw, S Ballans, D Bain, R Mackay, D Wise.
At the Gabba, Brisbane.

Grand final (Sept 19):
SOUTHPORT      3.3  7.7  11.11  15.14 (104)
NTHN EAGLES  3.1  5.4      5.5         9.7 (61)
Southport goals: T Deacon 6, R Mackay 3, C Black 2, A McKenzie, C Watts, C Mansbridge, B Green.
Southport best: S Ballans, D Bain, M Bradley, G Pemberton, S McLuckie, D Lawrence.
At Giffin Park, Brisbane.