Norm Dare’s third consecutive year at helm sees Sharks finish third

A major signing ahead of the season’s start was mid-fielder Andrew McQualter, who was rookie listed with the Gold Coast SUNS in 2012.

Andrew played 89 senior games with St Kilda, including 10 AFL finals matches and three AFL Grand Finals.

Despite being disappointed about missing out on desired pre-season practice matches due to severe weather conditions, Senior Coach Norm Dare was pleased with the approach and commitment demonstrated by all players preparing for the start of the season. 2013 was Norm’s third and final consecutive year coaching Sharks.

The only practice game played was against Labrador, which was won by 10 goals.

Sharks followed up this success by winning their first 5 NEAFL games.

North Queenslander John Macansh made the most of his opportunities at Southport this season, starring in their 69 point win over Broadbeach – earning himself a Round 3 Rising Star Award nomination.

The 18-year-old had the ability to find the goals three times in miserable conditions at H&A Oval and was somewhat of a catalyst in the Sharks’ second-half turnaround.

After shoulder surgery in 2012, persistence payed off for Tyrone Alderson with his debut for the Sharks against the SUNS earning a Round 7 Rising Star nomination.

With key forwards Josh Milani and Cleve Hughes out through injury, Alderson served as a perfect replacement kicking three in a performance that Sharks Captain, Danny Wise, said could’ve easily been five goals.

This round saw Sharks first loss of the season, going down by 29 points at Metricon Stadium.

The AFL reserve teams showed they were a force to be rocked with in the conference, with Brisbane Lions breaking up Sharks’ wins with a 14.4 (88) to 9.2 (76 ) end result in Round 10.

After struggling to break into Southport’s midfield during his first two seasons of senior football, Brock Askey has transformed himself into one of Southport’s most versatile players this season, winning the Round 14 nomination for the Rising Star Award.

After gaining a taste of senior football as a 17 year old in 2011, Askey had to remain patient throughout 2012 as he was restricted to playing reserve grade football. However, after a big pre-season in which he made significant gains on the track, Askey was able to break into Southport’s senior side against Mount Gravatt in Round 9.

Since then he has started to find his feet at NEAFL level, culminating in his best game of the season against Labrador, that Sharks won by 106 points.

There were some significant player milestones during the year, including that for David James’.

David has been one of Southport’s all-time great players and fittingly marked his 200-game milestone in the black V against the club’s arch-rivals Morningside at Fankhauser Reserve for Round 12. Sharks won by 16 points.

David already has Player Life Membership under his belt – he earned that by chalking up more than 150 games over 10 years.

David Wise and Ben Merret both marked their 150-game milestone this year, while Kurt Niklaus, Fraser Pope and Jason Burge reached the 100 games mark.

The season also saw Tom Daniel, Josh Baxter, Edward Mallan and Daniel Weymouth notch up 50 games.

Despite the experience within the ranks, Sharks were unable to make the final, finishing third after premiers Brisbane Lions and runners-up Aspley, after a 66 point loss to Aspley in the preliminary final.

A number of Sharks were recognised for their talents this season by being named in the NEAFL Northern Conference Team of the Year, namely Wayde Mills, Danny Wise, Josh Baxter, Jason Burge and Haydn Kiel.

Haydn Kiel has followed in the footsteps of fellow Southport mid-fielder Fraser Pope and taken out the NEAFL’s most prestigious individual honour; the Grogan Medal.

The former Brisbane and Hawthorn rookie polled 21 votes, to finish four clear of nearest rival Cameron Ilett, and five ahead of Sharks teammate Jason Burge.

That makes it four Grogan Medal gongs in a row for the Sharks with Daniel Wise in 2010, Matthew Payne in 2011 and Fraser Pope in 2012.

Jason Burge was the 2013 Dr Alan Mackenzie medallist, as Southport’s best and fairest winner. Burge won the award with 83 votes, 11 ahead of Sharks captain, Daniel Wise and key forward Josh Baxter, who both finished on 72 votes.

Jason played in all of Southport’s matches this season and capped off a great season with selection in the NEAFL representative side.

In the other club awards, Dan Weymouth won the Wally Fankhauser award. Defender Wayde Mills was rewarded for a sensational finals series with the best finals player award, while Tyson Kruse collected the Most Improved. Club stalwart David James won the Most Dedicated, while Ben Headland took out the Most Determined.

Fraser Pope capped off another solid season, winning Most Consistent, while rising star Stephen Thynne, took out the Coach award. Callum Carseldine collected the TIS Cup best and fairest, adding to his league best and fairest gong, while Dale Maden took out the Rising Stars award.

The end of the 2013 season also marked the end of a number player’s time on field for Sharks.

After 215 games, David James hung up the boots, ending an incredible run at Sharks.

The veteran certainly didn’t slow down with age, still finishing in the top 10 of the best and fairest in his final season.

Another top 10 finisher Kurt Niklaus, brought an end to his career at Southport after 114 games.

In other player movements spearhead Cleve Hughes will not be playing in 2014 due to study commitments, while former St Kilda and Gold Coast SUNS player Andrew McQualter, is off to the Richmond development department, and will be a playing assistant for their VFL team.

Dan Weymouth is on extended break overseas, so will not be playing in 2014.

Season details: Games played 18 (plus finals), won 14, lost 4.
Grogan Medal: Haydn Kiel
Best and fairest: Josh Baxter (57)


Round 1 (Mar 23):
SOUTHPORT 5.3 10.3 15.6 17.9 (111)
ASPLEY 4.1 7.6 14.8 16.10 (106)
Southport goals: J. Ives 3, D. Smith 2, R. Toye 2, J. Nelis 2, N. Clarke 2, C. Stiller , J. Satchell , A. Hughes , J. Stanley, A. Lucy
Southport best: D. Smith, R. Matthews, R. Copeland, M. Hutchinson, J. Satchell, E. Sansbury
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 2 (Mar 31):
SOUTHPORT 4.2 8.5 12.6 16.12 108)
REDLAND 1.0 2.2 4.7 5.10 (40)
Southport goals: J. Milani 5, J. Baxter 4, C. Hughes 2, B. Headland , H. Kiel , G. Screech , T. Daniel , B. Merrett
Southport best: J. Baxter, D. Wise, K. Niklaus, F. Pope, D. Weymouth, J. Milani
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 3 (Apr 7):
SOUTHPORT 5.3 8.6 14.12 17.15 (117)
BROADBEACH 2.2 7.4 7.6 7.6 (48)
Southport goals: E. Mallan 4, J. Macansh 3, A. McQualter 2, B. Merrett , F. Pope , T. Daniel , R. Salter , G. Screech , H. Kiel , J. Baxter
Southport best: D. Wise, R. Salter, E. Mallan, H. Kiel, J. Burge, J. Baxter
A H.A. Oval

Round 4 (Apr 13):
SOUTHPORT 3.2 9.6 13.9 17.13 (115)
HILLS EAGLES 3.4 5.9 12.11 14.1 (99)
Southport goals: N/A
Southport best: N/A
At Bruce Purser Reserve

Round 5 – Bye

Round 6 (Apr 27):
SOUTHPORT 5.1 6.4 10.8 15.11 (101)
LABRADOR 0.4 3.8 4.10 4.13 (37)
Southport goals: E. Mallan 3, W. Mills 3, J. Baxter 2, G. Screech 2, F. Pope 2, D. Weymouth , J. Macansh , A. McQualter
Southport best: B. Headland, W. Mills, K. Niklaus, J. Burge, T. Daniel, D. Weymouth
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 7 (May 27):
SOUTHPORT 2.0 6.1 9.3 11.11 (77)
GOLD COAST SUNS 5.5 8.7 16.9 16.10 (106)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 3, T. Alderson 3, D. Weymouth , G. Screech , L. McNeven , A. McQualter , J. Burge
Southport best: D. Weymouth, W. Mills, J. Burge, K. Niklaus, F. Pope, T. Alderson
At Metricon Stadium

Round 8 – Bye

Round 9 (May 18):
SOUTHPORT 2.2 6.7 10.8 16.12 (108)
MT GRAVATT 3.4 6.5 7.8 9.9 (63)
Southport goals: E. Mallan 3, W. Mills 3, T. Alderson 2, C. Hughes 2, F. Pope 2, D. Weymouth , H. Kiel , D. Van De Werken , C. Eddy
Southport best: K. Niklaus, C. Eddy, B. Headland, D. James, F. Pope, A. McQualter
At Dittmer Park, Mt Gravatt

Round 10 (May 25):
SOUTHPORT 0.11 3.16 7.19 9.22 (76)
BRISBANE LIONS 1.0 5.1 5.1 14.4 (88)
Southport goals: G. Screech 2, C. Hughes 2, J. Macansh , W. Mills , F. Pope , S. Thynne , J. Burge
Southport best: B. Headland, D. Wise, J. Burge, K. Niklaus, D. Weymouth, F. Pope
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 11 (June 1):
SOUTHPORT 6.1 10.4 13.9 15.12 (102)
NT THUNDER 3.5 5.11 8.14 13.15 (93)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 6, G. Screech 2, C. Hughes 2, F. Pope 2, T. Cornish 2, H. Kiel
Southport best: J. Burge, J. Baxter, B. Headland, D. Wise, S. Thynne, L. McNeven
At TIO Stadium

Round 12 (June 9):
SOUTHPORT 2.2 3.4 7.4 11.9 (75)
MORNINGSIDE 1.0 5.8 7.9 8.11 (59)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 3, B. Headland 2, E. Mallan 2, C. Hughes 2, B. Askey , B. Merrett
Southport best: H. Kiel, A. McQualter, J. Baxter, B. Headland, S. Thynne, J. Burge
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks
Round 13 – Bye

Round 14 (June 22):
SOUTHPORT 4.0 11.5 18.10 26.14 (170)
LABRADOR 3.4 4.5 5.8 9.10 (64)
Southport goals: C. Hughes 5, E. Mallan 3, B. Askey 3, F. Pope 3, A. McQualter 2, J. Baxter 2, J. Macansh 2, D. Weymouth , D. Wise , G. Screech , C. Eddy , Z. Callinan , B. Headland
Southport best: D. Wise, D. Weymouth, J. Burge, F. Pope, Z. Callinan, C. Carseldine
At Cooke Murphy Oval, Labrador

Round 15 (June 29):
SOUTHPORT 3.2 5.2 10.7 12.11 (83)
BROADBEACH 1.3 4.6 5.9 6.10 (46)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 4, J. Burge 2, F. Pope 2, E. Mallan , J. Macansh , W. Mills , B. Headland
Southport best: K. Niklaus, J. Baxter, E. Mallan, H. Kiel, D. James, F. Pope
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 16 (July 7):
SOUTHPORT 6.5 10.7 15.10 18.15 (123)
MORNINGSIDE 2.3 6.6 11.9 14.13 (97)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 6, E. Mallan 5, H. Kiel 2, A. McQualter , J. Macansh, D. James , G. Screech , B. Merrett
Southport best: E. Mallan, J. Burge, K. Niklaus, A. McQualter, J. Baxter, S. Thynne
At Esplen Oval, Morningside

Round 17 – Bye

Round 18 (July 20):
SOUTHPORT 4.2 4.7 7.13 11.16 (82)
ASPLEY 2.1 8.3 12.4 17.7 (109)
Southport goals: D. James 2, J. Baxter 2, B. Headland , E. Mallan , K. Niklaus , J. Macansh , A. McQualter , T. Kruse , J. Burge
Southport best: J. Burge, B. Askey, T. Daniel, T. Kruse, J. Macansh, D. James
At Graham Road

Round 19 (July 27):
SOUTHPORT 7.2 12.5 19.7 24.9 (153)
MT GRAVATT 1.4 4.5 5.7 11.13 (79)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 6, G. Screech 4, H. Kiel 3, A. McQualter 2, C. Hughes 2, F. Pope 2, J. Miles , E. Mallan , D. Weymouth , J. Macansh , J. Burge
Southport best: D. Wise, T. Kruse, J. Baxter, A. McQualter, H. Kiel, J. Burge
At Leyshon Park

Round 20 (Aug 3):
SOUTHPORT 3.2 6.7 10.10 16.13 (109)
EASTLAKE 0.1 4.1 8.3 9.5 (59)
Southport goals: C. Hughes 5, J. Baxter 3, G. Screech 3, J. Burge 2, J. Macansh , B. Merrett , A. McQualter
Southport best: W. Mills, A. McQualter, J. Baxter, D. Wise, G. Screech, C. Hughes
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 21 (Aug 10):
SOUTHPORT 3.5 10.9 14.14 18.19 (127)
NT THUNDER 1.1 1.3 5.7 8.11 (59)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 4, E. Mallan 3, C. Hughes 3, G. Screech 2, S. Thynne , J. Miles , T. Cornish , D. Weymouth , D. James , F. Pope
Southport best: T. Kruse, A. McQualter, H. Kiel, D. Wise, E. Mallan, B. Headland
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Round 22 (Aug 17):
SOUTHPORT 3.5 8.8 12.11 14.13 (97)
REDLAND 3.1 7.4 13.8 16.14 (110)
Southport goals: E. Mallan 5, C. Hughes 3, J. Baxter 2, B. Askey 2, F. Pope , H. Kiel
Southport best: W. Mills, T. Kruse, E. Mallan, B. Headland, S. Thynne, L. McNeven
At Tidbold Park

Elimination/Qualifying Final (Aug 24):
SOUTHPORT 2.3 8.6 9.11 10.14 (74)
ASPLEY 4.5 5.8 7.12 17.16 (118)
Southport goals: C. Hughes 3, J. Baxter 2, H. Kiel 2, G. Screech 2, D. Weymouth
Southport best: W. Mills, B. Headland, D. Wise, G. Screech, S. Thynne, A. McQualter
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Semi Final (Aug 31):
SOUTHPORT 5.4 8.5 13.11 16.13 (109)
REDLAND 1.2 4.3 6.5 11.12 (78)
Southport goals: J. Baxter 4, E. Mallan 3, J. Macansh 2, D. James 2, Z. Callinan , H. Kiel , N. Trevena , T. Cornish , J. Burge
Southport best: W. Mills, J. Baxter, B. Headland, K. Niklaus, F. Pope, J. Burge
At Fankhauser Reserve, Southport Sharks

Preliminary Final (Sep 8):
SOUTHPORT 3.5 4.8 5.15 8.21 (69)
ASPLEY 1.6 6.10 11.13 20.15 (135)
Southport goals: F. Pope 3, J. Baxter 2, J. Macansh , D. James , J. Burge
Southport best: F. Pope, K. Niklaus, G. Screech, D. Weymouth, W. Mills, T. Kruse
At Leyshon Park