Dare arrives as the Blues deny the Magpies a fairytale departure from the GCAFL

Owen Park was to host a VFL exhibition match in early March 1982. New GCAFL President Stan Brown had arranged for Footscray and Geelong to travel to the Gold Coast. Patrons were asked to pay an exorbitant $8 entrance fee. The match failed as a financial exercise but sparked a wave of media coverage. It prompted the first discussions of a VFL team for the Gold Coast. It also sparked a Brisbane versus Gold Coast debate about where a VFL license should be based.

Bill Ryan, Bob Webb, Zane Taylor and Gavin McGuane had all proved themselves as wonderful recruits. In 1982 the Magpies procured another club champion in the form of coach Norm Dare. The 72 game former Fitzroy flyer commenced his coaching career with the Lions reserves in 1978. He tasted immediate Queensland success in 1980 by coaching outsiders Kedron to their first premiership since 1959. He took the Red Legs to their last Grand Final in 1981. Dare was also the Queensland state coach from 1980-84. Southport’s recruiters had pulled off many coups over the previous decade but Dare was possibly the most important.

Football administrators north of the Logan River had always undervalued the quality of play and players from the Gold Coast. In spite of Bill Ryan and Zane Taylor’s heroics for Queensland it was a case of if you didn’t play in the QAFL then you weren’t really that good. That was all about to change in 1983, but in 1982 state coach Norm Dare spoke out and demanded more representation in state football from the Gold Coast. Still he had to play some of his Southport stars on permit in the QAFL to get noticed by state selectors.

It was a fact of Gold Coast football life that high player turnover was inevitable. What the Magpies kept doing was topping up their list each year with quality new players. In 1982 they recruited former Essendon defender Pat Wellington. QAFL Grogan Medalist and premiership player Peter Ives (Mayne) also arrived. Other important gains were Zane Separovich (Broken Hill), Neil Hodge (Wilston Grange), Danny Upfal, Doug Byron, George Budge (Gippsland), Mick Trevean, Tom O’Connor and Craig Thompson.

A round six ten-point loss to Labrador interrupted an awesome start to the Magpies season. All other matches were won by ten goals or more in the first eight rounds. Arch rivals Coolangatta had been beaten twice by a combined total of 30 goals. A loss in round ten to Surfers Paradise indicated that the Magpies were not invincible. And when Coolangatta bounced back to defeat the Magpies by 29 points in round 15 the 1982 GCAFL premiership was wide open.

The Southport forward line had been particularly potent all season. Neil Hodge (13 and 12 goals against Lismore), Peter Boyce, Zane Separovich and Michael Davidson shared the spoils. Gavin McGuane capped his season with his third consecutive Best and Fairest. David McMahon was often unstoppable at Centre Half Back.

By finals time however it had really come down to Coolangatta and Southport again. The Mike Darby lead Coolangatta Blues had gained some real momentum during the second half of the season. The Blues and the Magpies were to face off in their sixth Grand Final since 1975. It was eighth Grand Final in a row for the Magpies. With the knowledge that this was possibly their last match against each other there was plenty at stake. The passionate competitiveness between the two strongest clubs on the Gold Coast was at boiling point. There had been many fierce contests between these two clubs and this had often tipped over into some unsavory violence. Magpie’s football manager Frank Atchison added some drama to the Grand Final by stating that the Magpies would not take a backward step if the Blues engaged in violent play (Click here to read article).

It was not to be the departure from the GCAFL that the Magpies wished for and probably deserved. The Grand Final was fierce and competitive, but Coolangatta were too good on the day and took out the 1982 premiership by twenty-eight points (Click here to read article). Coolangatta Ruckman Peter Guy was best on ground. Best for the Magpies were McGuane, Budge, Thompson, Lovett and Livingston. The Barry Rudd led reserve grade had won 43 games straight leading into their Grand Final against a Broadbeach side stacked with A grade talent. They were denied a premiership they truly deserved. In a dark day for the club the Barry Lowe coached colts were to also finish runners up for the fourth consecutive season.

The gloom of Grand Final day was soon wiped away as the club immediately began preparations for the change from Magpies to Sharks. In July of 1982, after 12 months of procrastination and negotiation the Southport AFC had been given approval to join the QAFL (Click here to read article). Within weeks the full membership of the club had given the green light to the change. So the club began the huge task of stepping up to the QAFL. A fine example was the work of George Hubbard who created the first Shark’s logo and signs for Owen Park.

The abundant talent on the Gold Coast was to prove rich pickings for the shrewd Magpie/Shark’s recruiters. In 1982 the following players participated in the GCAFL. Jason Cotter, Trevor Crowley, Mick Hering, Carl Gwynne (Surfers Paradise), Peter Guy, Gabe Nuspan, Tim Tagliabue, Peter Munro (Coolangatta) Phil McGarry (Palm Beach Currumbin), Mick Youngs, Dave Franklin (Labrador).

There is no doubt that Alan Mackenzie had been the architect of the rise of the Magpies. In the 1982 Southport Annual Report he acknowledged those of his team that had contributed so much over his term as the Magpie’s leader.

Vice President Wally Fankhauser has been an unbelievably hard worker for the club and without his efforts the club would not be it its happy position of financial independence. Bill Hassall and John Gonnard in their executive positions have performed their jobs with great efficiency, and on the football-recruiting scene Barry Rudd and Frank Atchison have been a tower of strength. This continuous administrative stability has enabled us to remain strong from year to year despite the massive turnover in playing personnel.

1982 SAFC Annual Report – President – Alan Mackenzie

Mackenzie also acknowledged those that had laid the foundations for him and his loyal team.

As we pass from an era of 22 years of association with the Gold Coast Australian Football League, there must be a certain amount of nostalgia and probably sadness in some people’s minds. The efforts of many people have gone into the early establishment of the Southport Football Club and its present strength is in no small way indebted to their efforts. In particular I feel that mention should ne made of Bill Wood our foundation president and his wife Mavis for their very early efforts. Leo Busch, Carl Tasker and Wally Hortz for their efforts in the ‘69-’73 era. Doug Hannell and his wife Deneice who have been continuously associated with the club since 1961. These people provided the solid foundation for the club’s prosperity, which the current committee was fortunate enough to inherit and to expand upon.

1982 SAFC Annual Report – President – Alan Mackenzie

Norm Dare had the final say in the 1982 Southport AFC Annual Report.

We must work harder and longer to ensure success in 1983. This work must commence straight away so we are ready for the biggest challenge this club has faced since its inception. We have a new competition, new emblem, new jumper and most of all new tradition to create so let’s make sure that as an individual we are not going to let the club down. 1983 must be the year of the SHARK.

1982 SAFC Annual Report – Senior coach – Norm Dare

1982 Match Results

Date Venue Home Away Southport Goalkickers and Best Players
Round 1 28/03/1982 Len Peak Oval Coolangatta 13.18.96 Southport 26.14.164 (Best: McGuane, Ives, Clark, Boyce, Byron, Tribolet)
(Boyce 7, Budge 5, McGuane 3, Purcell 3, Short 2, Thompson, Separovich, Egan, Ives, Upfal)
Round 2 4/04/82 Salk Oval PBC 11.5.71 Southport 27.17.179 (Best: Tribolet, Livingston, Separovich, Boyce, clark, McMahon)
(Boyce 9, Separovich 4, Tribolet 3, Upfal 3, Thompson 3 Walsh 2, Purcell, Budge, Short)
Round 3 11/04/1982 Isle of Capri Surfers 11.11.77 Southport 23.11.149 (Best: McMahon, Upfal, Keighran, Thompson, Stewart, Short)
(Boyce 4, Upfal 4, Byron 4, Short 3, Tribolet 2, Walsh 2, Ives, Thompson, Keighran, Budge)
Round 4 18/04/1982 Salk Oval Burleigh 11.10.76 Southport 29.28.202 (Best: McMahon, Separovich, Clark, Upfal, O’Connor, Livingston)
(Boyce 5, Upfal 4, Walsh 4, Linfors 3, Separovich 2, Ives 2, Budge, Byron, Davidson, O’Connor, McMahon, Clark, Thompson, Purcell, Livingston)
Round 5 25/04/1982 Owen Park Southport 23.12.151 Broadbeach 7.9.51 (Best: Separovich, Upfal, Short, McMahon, Clark, McGuane)
(Boyce 5, Separovich 5, Thompson 4, Byron 4, Upfal 2, Wellington, Short, Purcell)
Round 6 2/05/1982 Owen Park Southport 13.19.97 Labrador 16.11.107 (Best: Clark, Ives, Livingston, Walsh, Thompson, McGuane)
(Wellington 4, Walsh 3, boyce 2, Ives, Separovich, Toma, Keighran)
Round 7 9/05/82 Owen Park Southport 45.17.287 Lismore 11.7.73 (Best: Keighran, McMahon, Hodge, McGuane, Boyce, Thompson, Tribolet)
(Hodge 12, Thompson 5, toma 5, Boyce 4, Separovich 4, Wellington 3, Davidson 3, Tribolet 2, Short 2, McMahon, Ives, McGuane)
Round 8 16/05/1982 Owen Park Southport 27.13.175 Coolangatta 8.15.63 (Best: Byron, Thompson, Wellington, Livingston, Short, Davidson)
(Davidson 4, Thompson 4, Boyce 3, Short 3, Walsh 3, Purcell 2, Ives 2, Separovich 2, McGuane 2, Linford, Wellington)
Round 9 23/05/1982 Owen Park Southport 19.23.137 PBC 14.17.105 (Best: Separovich, Clark, Egan, Budge, Hodge, Purcell)
(Hodge 5, Purcell 3, Ives 3, Thompson 2, Walsh 2, Allen 2, Separovich, Egan)
Round 10 24/06/1982 (postponed) Owen Park Southport 15.17.107 Surfers 19.11.125 (Best: Budge, Upfal, O’Connor, Short, Keighran, Byron)
(Upfal 3, Hodge 3, O’Connor 2, Short 2, Separovich 2, Walsh, Keighran, Egan)
Round 11 6/06/1982 Owen Park Southport 27.23.185 Burleigh 9.11.65 (Best: Clark, Budge, McGuane, Davidson, Boyce, McMahon)
(Boyce 7, Hodge 6, Davidson 3, Separovich 3, McGuane 2, Purcell 2, Wellington, Egan, Ives, Budge)
Round 12 13/06/82 Merrimac Broadbeach 10.7.67 Southport 24.19.163 (Best: Byron, Separovich, Boyce, Budge, Upfal, Short)
(Hodge 7, Boyce 5, Separovich 3, Upfal 2, Davidson 2, O’Connor, Wellington, Walsh, Livingston, Short)
Round 13 20/06/1982 Labrador Oval Labrador 9.13.67 Southport 23.23.161 (Best: MCGuane, Separovich, Davidson, McMahon, Egan, Boyce)
(Hodge 5, Purcell 4, Davidson 4, Keighran 2, Boyce 2, Walsh 2, Separovich, Livingston, McGuane, O’Connor)
Round 14 27/06/1982 Riverview Park Lismore 11.11.77 Southport 31.18.204 (Best: O’Connor, Clark, Hodge, Walsh, Jones, Herring)
(Hodge 13, Boyce 5, Short 2, Lord 2, Walsh 2, Upfal 2, Stewart 2, Separovich 2, O’Connor)
Round 15 4/07/1982 Len Peak Oval Coolangatta 23.14.152 Southport 18.15.123 (Best: Trevean, Upfal, Miles, Walsh, Byron, Keighran)
(Walsh 4, O’Connor 3, Boyce 3, Miles, Trevean, Keighran, Lovett, Hodge, Wellington, Budge, Short)
Round 16 11/07/1982 Owen Park Southport 26.16.172 PBC 7.8.50 (Best: Budge, McGuane, Separovich, Boyce)
(Separovich 7, Hodge 5, Boyce 5, Trevean 2, Purcell 2, Davidson 2, Short 2, Budge)
Round 17 18/07/1982 Isle of Capri Surfers 17.18.120 Southport 22.14.146 (Best: O’Connor, Davidson, Boyce, Byron, Ives, Budge)
(Separovich 5, Hodge 3, Davidson 3, Purcell 2, Short 2, O’Connor 2, McGuane, Walsh, Keighran, Trevean)
Round 18 1/08/1982 Salk Oval Burleigh 2.4.16 Southport 29.27.201 (Best: Ives, Short, Byron, Livingston, mcGuane, Hodge)
(Hodge 13, Wellington 4, Walsh 3, Separovich 3, Byron 2, Lovett, Davidson, Miles, Thompson)
Round 19 8/08/1982 Owen Park Southport 10.14.74 Broadbeach 5.3.33 (Best: McGuane, Byron, Wellington, Clark, Gibson, Davidson)
(Davidson 6, Walsh, Miles, Separovich, Purcell)
Round 20 15/08/1982 Labrador Oval Labrador 12.12.84 Southport 17.21.123 (Best: Budge, Livingston, Wellington, Ives, Miles, McGuane)
(Davidson 4, Separovich 3, Wellington 3, Upfal 2, Ives 2, Budge, Livingston, Boyce)
Round 21 22/08/1982 Riverview Park Lismore 11.11.77 Southport 22.23.155 (Best: McGuane, Purcell, McMahon, Trevean, O’Connor, Livingston)
(Separovich 5, Purcell 5, Upfal 3, Daniels 3, McGuane, Budge, Wellington, Davidson, Keighran, O’Connor)
First Semi 29/08/1982 Salk Oval Surfers 18.9.117 Labrador 13.11.89
Reserves Broadbeach 13.12.90 Coolangatta 11.5.71
Colts Southport 17.15.117 Surfers 9.17.67 (Best: Lord, Palmer, Mangan, Welsh, Williams, Bonney)
(Lord 5, C Smith 3, Williams 3, Smedley 2, Bonney, Grundy, Quigley, W Peterson)
Second Semi 5/09/1982 Len Peak Oval Southport 13.8.86 Coolangatta 14.17.101 (Best: Walsh, Short, Livingston, McGuane, Ives, Byron)
(Short 4, Thompson 2, Wellington 2, Upfal, Boyce, Purcell, Davidson, Livingston)
Reserves Southport 18.9.117 Surfers 12.17.89 (Best: Stewart, Harwood, Baker, Davis, Robinson, Lovett)
(Baker 8, Robinson 2, Davis 2, McDonald 2, Deviln 2, Harwood, Hodge)
Colts Burleigh 12.18.90 Broadbeach 12.12.84
Prelim Final 12/09/1982 Merrimac Southport 13.8.86 Surfers 5.11.41 (Best: upfal, McGuane, O’Connor, Byron, Purcell, Clark, Livingston)
(Purcell 4, Keighran 4, Wellington 2, O’Connor 2, Thompson)
Reserves Broadbeach 12.18.90 Surfers 8.7.55
Colts Southport 12.11.83 Broadbeach 8.13.61 (Best: Palmer, Davis, Mangan, Williams, Cross, B Smith)
(C Smith 3, Williams 2, Grundy 2, Lord 2, bonney, S Bradley, W Peterson)
Grand Final 19/09/1982 Salk Oval Southport 10.19.79 Coolangatta 15.17.107 (Best: McGuane, Budge, Thompson, Lovett, Livingston)
(Wellington 3, O’Connor 2, Davidson 2, Upfal, Byron, Walsh)
Reserves Southport 9.16.70 Broadbeach 12.18.90 (Best: Miles, Daniels, Hodge, Baker, W Morris)
(Hodge 4, Miles 2, Baker 2, Stewart)
Colts Burleigh 20.15.135 Southport 10.8.68 (Best: S Bradley, Davis, Lord, Cross)
(Lord 3, Smith 3, Williams 2, Palmer, W Peterson)